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The Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet is designed with overall safety as a top priority. Five specific criteria were used as guidelines to a holistic approach in designing Reebok's best helmet ever! First, the helmet absorbs the scary high impact hits as well as it does with the more frequent, less intense hits that can be just as damaging over time. Fit is just as important as impact the 11K helmet adjusts 360° to your uniquely shaped head and will no pop off when locked in place. Finally, the 11K helmet is Reebok's lightest helmet and most protective helmet to date.

The 11K helmet features a unique floating EPP foam liner. The EPP flexible liners oscillate to contour to the unique shape of your head while the comfort cushions provide a superb, soft and snug fit. To further ensure a proper comfortable fit Reebok has equipped the 11K helmet with the fully adjustable MicroDial™ II which helps pull the helmet into a safe position on your head while alleviating pressure points and locking it snugly in place.

As well as having a great fit the 11K helmet offers a slick low-profile design to pass the mirror test!

  • Heritage: New
  • Head Shape Guideline: Oval
  • Reebok Sizing Guidelines:
    Helmet Size / Hat Size / Head Circumference
    SM / 6 3/8 - 7 / 20 - 22" (51 - 56 cm)
    MD / 6 7/8 - 7 3/8 / 21.5 - 23" (55 - 59 cm)
    LG / 7 5/16 - 7 7/8 / 22.8 - 25" (58 - 63 cm)



  • Protection:
    • Helmet shell:
      • Next generation aerodynamic shell with ventilation designed for a low-profile fit
    • EPP Floating Liner:
      • EPP Flexible liner with comfort cushions contours to the unique shape of your head 
    • Sub shells:
      • Using carbon fiber technology that revolutionized the stick market, Reebok designed a lightweight helmet without sacrificing protection
  • Fit:
    • Microdial II:
      • Permits 360 degree wrap and vertical adjustment to alleviate pressure points and hold helmet firmly in place
    • Fit Clips:
      • Permits easy tool-less length adjustment
      • located on each side just above the ear
  • Comfort:
    • Comfort cushions 
    • Flexible EPP foams offer a more comfortable feel to more traditional rigid EPP foams
  • HECC, CSA approved
  • Compatible with most face cages and shields/visors
  • Weight: 480 grams (medium)

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Comments: Helmet fit like other Reebok helmets but I really like the dial in the back so I can make quick adjustments before or during the game. The padding is comfortable and light. The 11k cage is light and allows for great vision out of it.
From: Michael, PA

Comments: The helmet itself is quite comfortable. The Micro Dial in the back is poorly constructed. It kept coming loose, so I kept tighening
the dial. Eventually it broke. Contacted Reebok and they basically said too bad. Nothing they can do.

If it wasn't for the dial (now stuck on the tightest setting) it would be very comfortable. Now it's too tight.
From: Tommy, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Comments: Used the helmet about six times and when I was firming the helmet fit with the ratcheting adjustment it broke. Upon inspection of the mechanism I discovered that wheel that's used to tighten and loosen the ratcheting strap has small pins in it which insert into the gear that locks into the teeth on the ratcheting strap and these pins have broken off This was a very poor design plus the strength of the pins they are very thin were too weak. A better design would have made the adjusting wheel and gear on solid single molded piece instead of two separate pieces connected by very thin pins. I emailed Reebok with a video and description of the problem Reebok didn't responded. I would have been happy with them providing me a new adjusting wheel with pins but they never responded. Disappointing since it was an expensive helmet with a design flaw. I have not had problems with my Bauer and Easton helmets.
From: James

Comments: Very comfortable helmet, adjusts to any head shape, very light, and great protection. Much better as a helmet if you intend to wear a full cage. I put a visor on this helmet and it wouldn't stay in place after I started to sweat, so if you plan on wearing a visor I'd still recommend the helmets that offer pro preferred lines.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: Best helmet I've ever owned. I had a couple concussions, so I decided to buy the best helmet I could get. This thing is super comfortable with the adjustment on the back. I've had helmets for 20 years and never had one that fit this good. Often in the third period of games before with my other helmets my head wouldn't feel right from too tight a helmet, almost like my temples kept feeling really squished. Love this helmet.
From: Mike, WA

Comments: The helmet fits both my boys great.  I purchased two of them and no complaints on the comfort level from my kids.  The padding is great and the helmet adjustments are easy to do.  The only complaint I have is the button on the chin strap. I had to replace the chin strap on both helmets after 6 months.  I do recommend this helmet for all ages.
From: Fred, GA

Comments: This is an excellent helmet that is comfortable and highly protective. The construction is solid and the helmet holds up well while also having a good pro look to it. The padding is very comfortable on the head while also giving a good sense of protection and the dial at the back of the helmet combines with the tool less adjustments on the side to allow for a very customized fit for your head. The ventilation is good keeping your head cool and comfortable and the weight of the helmet isn't bad and never feels like a burden. The 11K cage is one of the best out there with excellent visibility and the best chin cup on any cage out there. You can't go wrong with the 11K assuming it fits your head and feels right.
From: Steve, Tampa, FL

Comments: Comments:Good helmet I don't like how it looks though not my style I switched back to bauer. If you really need a protective helmet I would definitely recommend this to you it's great in the protective aspect.
From: ??

Comments: Best helmet I have ever had. Best fit with a lot of adjustments. Has a good range of size adjustment and gives a good feel of being fit to your head without feeling like your wearing a bulky helmet. The only bad thing is the pads absorb sweat.
From: Chris, Fontana, CA

Comments: The best I have every owned. Fit is perfect for a big headed guy like me. very
soft padding inside, and just love the adjustable dial in the back. it gives you the perfect fit
when playing. I use this helmet for my D1 hockey play. would recommend to anyone!!
From: Nick

Comments: Helmet fits very well with the 360 degree adjustable rear wheel as well as the standard tab adjustment system that is included in most modern helemts. Very light compared to most other helmets, lives up to the reebok standard of lightweight and protective. One of the best helmets on the market right now IMO, well worth the money. A solid improvement upon the game changing reebok 8k.
From: Eric

Comments: 11k is a great helmet. The padding make it one of the most comfortable helmets I have ever had. I was a die hard Bauer fan until the 11k came out. Tool free adjustments along with the adjustable dial make customizing a fit for your head simple and quick. My only criticism is the padding which makes this helmet so comfortable has a tendency to hold onto moisture. The material tends to absorb sweat. After games and practices, you literally have to squeeze the pad and wring the sweat out from the pads. Drying the helmet therefore takes a little longer, and now there is an odor coming from the pads. If Reebok could make a waterproof barrier to the internal helmet padding, this helmet would be perfect!
From: Tom, Dallas, TX

Comments: helmet fit is a very personal decision, it depends on how a particular helmet fits your individually shaped head. some are just too wide or narrow and don't have enough adjustment to compensate, especially the traditional urethane foam helmets. if the shape of this helmet does fit you, the secret to a comfortable and snug fit is the ratcheting adjustment mechanism which draws up the multi piece interior floating liner around the entire head. since the liner is not glued to the plastic outer shell of the helmet, it has more range of adjustment. the ratcheting thumbwheel adjustment is not new technology, as similar devices have been used in bicycle helmets for years, but it is nice to see hockey helmets catching up in this area. the interior multi part padding is more like a flexible rubberized styrofoam, rather than the firm urethane sheets in old school helmets.
From: RC

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