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The Mission Soldier SE Goalie Leg Pads are great mid range pads. Their Multi-flex, lightweight design make them a great choice for any goalie at the intermediate level.

The dense mid-range foam used in the pads make them great pads for anyone at the recreational to advanced level. The Soldier SE leg pad offers an over-pant thigh protector that adds some great protection without adding a whole lot of weight or bulk. The pad size makes it NHL™ Legal, but still provides a lot of coverage. The Soldier leg pads would be great for any butterfly style goalie because the multi-flex flat face design allows the pad to bend with your leg. 

The inner roll on the Soldier leg pad uses Mission's flat five-hole construction. This will allow you to keep your pads flush on the rink, move side to side easily, and cover more of your five-hole. The knee stack that has been used for the Mission Soldier goal pads offer Mission's AKL system, which allows for you to adjust the knee stack to have a more customized fit. The Soldier pad offers an ultra-lightweight pro hybrid style design, with regulated flex.

The Mission Soldier SE Goalie Leg Pads are a great choice for any players at the recreational to intermediate levels. The Soldier leg pads are great pads that you can fit to your style of play.

  • Model Year: 2011
  • Model Number: 1035693
  • Heritage:
  • Level of Player: (Senior)
    • Roller: Up to Intermediate
    • Ice: Up to Recreational
  • Playing Style: Hybrid


Shipping Note:

Excluded from shipping promotions.  Ground is only $7.50 per shipment.  Please see shipping page under the Customer Service tab for further information. 

  • Exterior:
    • Synthetic Leather
    • High quality nylon on outer side
    • Screen Printed Logos and design
  • Protection:
    • Dense mid-range foam ideal for recreational to intermediate play
    • Integrated over-pant thigh protector
      • Ensures that your entire leg is protected
    • Additional knee protection on the face of the pad
  • Face:
    • Multi-flex flat face design
      • Perfect for butterfly style goalies
    • 3 Flex points at the thigh, knee, and ankle
    • Face Width: 11"
  • Outer Roll:
    • Square vertical roll
      • Helps contain rebounds
    • One flex point at the boot
  • Inner Roll:
    • Flat Synthetic Leather Design
      • Allows goalies to to keep pad flat on the rink
    • Mission's flat five-hole construction with additional cheater
  • Knee Stack:
    • 3 piece knee stack - Offering comfort, support, protection, and durability
      • Inner Layer - Thin, Soft foam for additional comfort
      • Middle Layer - Thick, Stiff foam to reduce the impact when you drop down
      • Outer Layer - Thin, Stiff foam with synthetic leather on the outside to allow for maximum side movement and extended durability
  • Calf Wrap: One piece calf wrap to prevent the straps from rubbing on your leg
  • Leg Channel:
    • Nylon Liner
    • Narrow leg channel allows for a nice snug fit in the shin area
  • Boot Channel:
    • Pre-formed boot channel
      • Allows the skate to rotate to the inside keeping the blade closer to the rink for a quick slide
  • Straps: 
    • 1" elastic buckle strap on extended upper thigh guard
    • 2" elastic velcro strap connecting to the inner knee stack
    • Two 1" nylon buckle straps to wrap around the lower thigh and knee
    • Three 1" Nylon straps over the shin area
    • One 3/4" leather boot strap
  • NHL™ Legal Size Pad
  • Note:
    • +1" Sizing incorporated into sizes
  • Sizes:
    • 38"+1"
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