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The Easton Stealth S19 comp hockey blade is the premier blade from Easton that fits traditional hockey shafts. 

Easton has continued to use of their popular focus flex technology that helps give a little more 'pop' to your shots and passes. The S19 blade also features the CNT molding that helps offer additional strength without adding any mass. 

Easton has also used the same dual density foam core that is featured on the S19 one-piece stick. This offers increase puck feel and great dampening.

    • Construction:
      • CNT Molecular level strengthening
        • Carbon fiber is strengthen at the molecular matrix level
        • Carbon Nanotubes bond molecules
        • Results in stronger, lighter and better performing blades
        • Easton is the only manufacturer using this innovative technology
      • Ultra thin blade geometry
      • Multi-Rib design - Controls blade flex through puck impact ensuring pinpoint accuracy
      • Micro-Balder - Easton's proprietary design that creates a more consistent blade
    • Hosel:
      • Focus Flex™ hosel design
        • Parabolic shape of hosel creates a low, powerful kickpoint
        • Increases shot velocity
        • Proprietary structural design
    • Core:
      • Multi-Core design:
        • Upper core - Structural honeycomb like material for excellent dampening
        • Lower core - Solid core for improved feel
    • Weight: 173 grams (based off Sakic curve)
    • Fits: Traditional hockey shafts (Non-tapered shafts)
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