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The Cascade M11 Pro helmet is an upgraded version of the 2011 model with its new low profile design and enhanced 360° fit.

Cascade has teamed up with the great Hall of Fame NHL player Mark Messier to create Messier Project.  The Messier Project was created to address the issue of concussions in hockey, by effective product development and a public awareness campaign. The M11 Pro helmet was created as part of the Messier Project to help reduce concussions and offer top level protection.

The M11 Pro hockey helmet features Seven Technology.  The Seven Technology system uses a new liner system to absorb maximum energy and almost instantly return to the original positioning.  The Seven Technology is perfect for the sport of hockey, due to the that hockey is a multiple impact sport.  According to Cascade the M11 Pro helmet offers 26% better performance on first impacts, 107% better on second impacts, and 140% better on third impacts when compared to conventional EPP foam helmets.  The Seven Technology is able to regenerate to the original position faster than traditional EPP foam offering increased performance on multiple impacts.

The M11 Pro hockey helmet is also constructed out of a one-piece shell design, which is lower and more streamlined than the previous model.  This shell design also reduces direct energy transfer. Cascade has upgraded its fit system to the ProFit2™, which features a 15 point micro adjustment ratchet system to adjust the size of the helmet.  This is an easy tool-free system on the back of the helmet offering a personalized fit.

  • Heritage: Cascade M11
  • Cascade sizing guidelines:
    helmet size - head circumference

    • XS - 19.7-20.9"
    • Small - 20.4-22" 
    • Medium - 21.6-23.2"
    • Large - 22.8-24.8"
  • Protection:
    • Seven Technology:
      • Revolutionary Impact technology
      • Matrix of cylindrical cells absorb impact through lateral displacement
      • Reduces G-Forces to the brain from a hockey hit by almost half when compared to the typical hockey helmet
      • 1st impact 26% better than EPP foams
      • 2nd impact 107% better than EPP foams
      • 3rd impact 140% better than EPP foams
    • Mono 90™ shell design: One-piece shell design
      • Reduces direct energy transfer
  • Fit:
    • New streamlined shell design
      • Lower profile allows for a better fit
    • ProFit2 Adjustment System:
      • Ultra compact design
      • New back ratchet latch offers micro adjustments to achieve an enhanced 360° contour fit
      • Pro 15 point micro adjustment
      • No tools needed
    • Removable Anatomical translucent Surlyn ear covers protect and blend with the look of the helmet
  • Comfort:
    • Improved liner ventilation
    • Pro ear loops maximize comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • HECC, CSA approved
  • Compatible with most face cages and shields/visors
  • Weight:569 grams (based on medium)

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Comments: This is the best helmet on the market since Bauer stopped making the 5000. It has the highest level of protection available, looks good, and feels very comfortable on your noodle. It does not feel heavy or bulky, which I was worried about at first. I have been wearing this helmet for over a year and it is showing no signs of breaking down or wearing down. Sizing runs a little small, I am a large in most brands but a medium in this model. The size and fit can be adjusted in several ways, so it is easily customizable. Highly recommended! I would purchase again.
From: Peter, CO

Comments: I have been using this helmet ever since it came out Right when I got on the ice with it I loved it I used to have the M11 but i got 2 concussions with 2 of those helmets when the M11 pro came out I got it right away and I haven't had a concussion since I would highly recommend this helmet.
From: Jason, NC

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