Bauer NG Performance Skull Cap
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Bauer NG Performance Skull Cap

The Bauer NG 37.5 Performance Skull Cap is a great choice to wear under your helmet to absorb sweat and keep your hair out of your face. This next generation skullcap uses 37.5™ technology which utilizes your body heat to evaporate moisture from the surrounding fabric. Any fabric infused with 37.5™ dry up to 5 times faster than other similar fabric. The infused anti-odor feature prevents any long-term odor formation. 

  • Model Number: 1042924
  • Bauer Sizing Guidelines: One Size Fits Most
  • Materials:
    • 48% Cocona 37.5™ Polyester / 37% Polyester / 15% Spandex
  • Profile:
    • Compression skull cap
    • 37.5™ technology
      • Uses your body heat to evaporate moisture from the fabric
      • Dries up to 5x faster than other fabrics
      • Anti-odor feature rejuvenates after each wash
  • Fit:
    • Compression
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Comments: I wear this with every game. Mainly I use it to keep sweat out of my eyes. It absorbs the sweat from my head and doesn't (at least not all the time) let the sweat fall onto my face and onto my visor. It absorbs it all. Previous reviewer said it is dry at the end of a skate...not sure if they even skated while wearing this because that is not true. After even 20 minutes it will get completely soaked but it will keep doing its job. I can't go without it.
From: Jordan, Las Vegas, NV

Comments: I don't usually comment on a skull cap but I happen to really dig this one. I've worn all the under armour ones over the past year and this one has been really comfortable. It doesn't get too hot. I don't know how they do it but after a game the cap is usually almost completely dry. That new material really works.
From: Matthew, NYC, NY

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