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Featured Roller Sticks

  • Bauer Nexus 8000 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

    The Bauer Nexus 8000 Grip Hockey Stick is the premier offering in the Nexus Line, where tradition meets innovation. The 8000 utilizes a classic mid kick flex profile that combines the benefits of both the Supreme NXG and the Vapor APX2, allowing a player to quickly get a hard shot off from any angle, at any time. This flagship model showcases Bauer's new PowerSense Blade Core that maximizes puck feel and durability. The Senior Stick length is 60" and is available in 77, 87, and 102 flex with a GripTac (grip) finish.

  • Easton Synergy HTX Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

    The Easton Synergy HTX Grip Hockey Sticks feature the innovative HyperTune™ Technology that matches a blade's stiffness profile to it's shaft's stiffness profile. This makes for a "tailor-made" blade flex profile that allows a player to truly maximize the velocity and pop these Synergy sticks offer. HyperTune™ Technology was designed to work hand in hand with the HyperToe™ Blade and the Dual-Lie curves. The Senior stick length is 59.5" and is available in a 75, 85, 100, and 110 flex with a grip stick finish with raised ridges.

  • CCM Tacks Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

    The CCM Tacks Grip Hockey Stick is the premier offering in the new Tacks Stick Line. This CCM Tacks stick is constructed with their premier carbon fiber that makes them very well balanced, very lightweight and allows them to get the puck to the net with tremendous power behind it. The Tacks hockey sticks come with a traditional mid kick point that is ideal for the player who likes to heavily load up and lean into their shots; regardless if it's a snap or a slap shot.The Senior Stick Lengths and Flexes are: 57" with a 75 flex / 59" with a 85 flex / 61" with a 95 flex / 61" with a 105 flex; with all available in a grip stick finish. 

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