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Senior E6 Sticks

  • Easton Stealth CX ST Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

     The Easton Stealth CX ST Grip Hockey Sticks are a durable, mid-price point stick with a lightning quick shot release. The CX ST stick debuts Easton's new Exo-Rim™ Technology that gives players much-improved accuracy and longevity. This strong outer frame keeps the blade face square to the target during the shooting process for pinpoint precision, while reinforced outer frame helps to prevent chipping and cracking. The Senior Stick Length is 59.5" and is available in an 75, 85 and 100 flex with a grip stick finish. 

  • Easton Synergy HTX 80 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

    The Easton Synergy HTX 80 Grip Hockey Sticks are built for the player who's looking for a high-performance twig that's beefed up for extra durability. This Synergy 80 features all of the great HyperTune™ and HyperToe™ technologies seen on the flagship HTX model, but it's sidewalls have been thickened for a stronger overall design. The Senior stick length is 59.5" and is available in a 75, 85, and 100 flex with a grip stick finish with raised ridges.


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