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Wood Ball used for stick handling. A wooden ball was first used by European players to practice off ice puck skills. It became more popular in the US and Canada as players found it was an inexpensive and effective way to practice stick handling.

  • Weight:
    • 1.8 oz
  • Diameter:
    • 2"


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Comments: Requires quick hands and can be used just about anywhere. Really enjoy training with this.
From: Ryan, Charlotte, NC

Comments: The wooden ball works great for practicing stick handling at home. I recommend taping the blade of your stick cause it can make a lot of noise. Overall the wooden ball is very convenient and is great for skill improvement, especially for beginners and intermediate players. I highly recommend trying out this product.
From: Jerry, CA

Comments: THE BEST AID OUT THERE!!! Over the summer i went to a sean skinner camp, and this guy has the hands of datsyuk. It was ridiculous. When we went to off ice this is what we stick handled with! This teaches very quick hands since the ball is so light. It definitely does make a difference, just after 4 days at the camp, my stickhandling was so much better then when i started. GET AHEAD OF THE GAME and PICK THIS UP! if your serious about improvement. MUST HAVE!
From: Peter 

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