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The Warrior Wave Comp Goalie Stick has been scaled down reducing the overall size and weight ensuring younger goaltenders are fitted correctly. The intermediate Wave goal stick offers many of the same features seen in Warrior's top of the line goal stick without paying top dollar. 

The Wave goal stick is similar to the Ritual using the same Fused Construction and Multi-Bias fiber material for strength. As with the Ritual the Wave uses Pro-Balance, allowing the goalie to have quick reflex movements while keeping blocker hand fatigue down to a minimum. The Wave uses the same Neutral zone weighted balance as the Ritual making the stick feel lighter, helping the goalie to make the save. 

The Wave goal stick is using what they call VIBEX™ Technology, different then the Shocka Technology like the Ritual. VIBEX™ is a blend of polymers and synthetic hydrocarbons in the form of a highly viscous gel block. Testing by a major university claims that the vibration reduction is up to 75 percent. This new technology is located in the handle portion of the Wave goal stick, giving the stick a more solid feel and deadens the puck rebound. The Wave is using a carbon deluxe material for strength, helping to keep the stick rigid over time. The Warrior Wave has a smooth painted surface, no Twister Grip coating and texture is used on the handle. For the high impact areas, Warrior is using what they are calling Big Bang. The Big Bang is the use of a woven fiber reinforced shell for added durability in the handle, paddle and blade.

This is an excellent goalie stick, able to handle a lot of abuse while staying rigid and lightweight.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: RA2
  • Heritage: New for 2012
  • Level of Player: (Intermediate)
    • Roller: Up to Professional
    • Ice: Up to Advanced
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Regular = Stick used in the Right hand
    • Full Right = Stick used in the Left hand
  • Construction:
    • VIBEX™ Technology
    • Fused construction
    • Multi-Bais fiber
    • Carbon Deluxe
    • Pro-Balance
    • Neutral zone weighted balance
    • Big Bang shell reinforcement
  • Shaft:
    • Vibex Vibration Dampener technology
    • Woven fiber reinforced shell for added durability in key impact areas
  • Paddle:
    • Woven fiber reinforced shell for added durability in key impact areas
  • Blade:
    • Woven fiber reinforced shell for added durability in key impact areas
  • Grip:
    • Smooth painted
  • Weight: 
    • 816 grams (Based on a 23.5" paddle)
  • Curve // Type // Face
    • Quick // Mid // Closed
  • Paddle Sizing Guidelines:
    • Warrior Measurement = Universal Measurement
    • 23.5" = 25"
    • Universal Measurement is taken from the top of the handle to the first point of contact with the playing surface (heel).
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