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The Warrior Ritual Pro Goalie Hockey Pant features top of the line protective features designed to maximize game playing potential. Warrior's unique design features provide outstanding-unrestricted protection and a fresh new look designed for today's goaltenders.

Warrior's aggressive cut kidney protection features various layers of foam for increased protection and features ergonomic breaks and spine protection enhancing the pants fit and mobility. Warrior's Flex plate system provides layered upper hip and thigh protection without hindering flexibility and creates a wider profile for increased net coverage. The Ritual Pro pant features large molded thigh guards with a wrap around design for a higher level of protection and substantial puck deflecting capabilities. Warrior's Axycut design enhances the fit between the pant and leg pads by preventing interference while transitioning into the butterfly position. Full mesh construction on the back of the legs provides improved ventilation for faster dry times as well as comfort during the game. The unique internal belt system allows the goaltender to snug up the fit of the pant and features an adjustable cant option that allows the goaltender to adjust the fit, ergonomic and aggressive forward. The inner belt system is lined with Silver Shield material to wick moisture away from the body as well as prevent odors.

The Warrior Ritual Pro goalie pant features all of the bells and whistles that you would expect from a pro goalie pant.

  • Model Number: GPNTPRO3
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play:
    • Roller: Professional
    • Ice: Professional
  • Warrior Sizing Guidelines:
    • Size // Body Height // Hip to Knee // Waist Size
      • SM // 5'4" - 5'9" // 16" - 17" // 30 - 38
      • MD // 5'6" - 6'0" // 17" - 18" // 30 - 38
      • LG // 5'9" - 6'2" // 18" - 19" // 30 - 38
      • XL // 6' + // 19" + // 30 - 38
      • XXL // 6' + // 19" + // 38 - 40


Fitting Guide: Recommendations are based on average-sized consumers and should be used as a guide only.

  • Construction:
    • Nylon shell
      • Lightweight durable material
    • Soft internal liner
    • Stretch gusseting
      • Improves flexibility
    • Full mesh construction on the back of the legs
      • Improves ventilation
  • Protection:
    • Aggressive cut kidney protection
      • Pro level foam protection
      • Ergonomic breaks and spine protection
      • Enhances fit and mobility
    • Silver Shield line floating abdominal pad
    • Large segmented soft foam tailbone protection
    • Flexplates
      • Allow greater upper thigh/hip protection and flexibility
      • Create a wider profile for increased net coverage
    • Molded poly thigh guards
    • Molded poly hip guards
  • Fit:
    • Skate lace system
    • Internal belt system
      • Provides a custom fit while maintaining a wider outer profile for increased net coverage
      • Silver Shield lined to wick moisture and prevent oder
    • Axycut system
      • Helps prevent interference between the pant and leg pads while transitioning into the butterfly
    • Forward canted design
      • Ergonomic and aggressive forward canted fit options
    • Removable suspender buttons
  • Weight:
    • 4.2lbs (Based on a Senior Medium)
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Comments: Good design with mediocre materials. After a year of use, the internal materials are starting to fall apart. The internal belt padding twists and pulls up letting the belt dig into my sides. I sewed the padding down and that fixed the problem. They seem to trade off durability for lightness. The protection is much less than my previous Vaughn 5000 pants. You can really feel the difference on hard shots. They do integrate very well will the Ritual Pro chest and arm protection, which is why I bought them.

I'm hoping to get one more year out them before they get tossed. Using off-shore materials and labor doesn't justify their cost.
From: Richard, Boise, ID

Comments: These pants are well worth the price. Just like John from PA, I had the pants broken in first time wearing them. Took about 20 shots standing and in the butterfly and I was good to go! Great protection and flexibility. If you're used to wearing suspenders, these will feel a bit wierd at first. Play through it and you'll find the flexibility and range of motion is supreme. Great product!
From: Ed, Rome, NY

Comments: I have to admit, my first reaction after taking these out of the box I thought I would be returning them. They do not look like a traditional pair of goalie pants. But I figured pete smith knows what he is doing, so I put them in my bag and off to the rink I went.

Spent about 10 minutes in the locker room fiddling with the straps and got the pants to fit so comfortably. I normally wear suspenders but with these pants, I did not need them. They are so light they felt like i was wearing nothing (compared to my simmons 995 pants)

So out of the locker room and right into skating around on the rink. WOW! I am normally concerned about breaking in new gear, but these are ready right out of the box! Fit so comfortably! And using the Warrior sizing guide, These pants fit me perfectly. Normally I have to size up do to the size of my thighs. But a size L was perfect.

5 minutes of warmups and it was game time! I forgot I even had new gear on once I started playing. The flex plate system on these is so awesome! My butterly buttoned up as well. Took an up close slapper to the nether regions, didnt feel a thing.

I am so impressed with these that I am taking a close look a that robot looking chesty from Warrior.
From: John, PA

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Warrior Hockey Goalie Pants Senior & Intermediate

  • The Warrior Ritual X Goalie Hockey Pant uses the same unique design found on the pro version as well as very high quality materials to produce a goal pant that is usable up to the advanced level of competition.

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