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The Warrior Dynasty composite blade features Warrior's Carbon Elite construction for excellent strength to weight ratio and is constructed using their X-Weave fiber matrix for increased strength and response. The Dynasty blade also features the D-Lite blade core which has a lightweight impact density core wrapped with an additional durability cap around the edges for added strength all in one lightweight package. 
    • Construction:
      • Multi-Bias fiber - improved impact durability
      • Carbon Elite construction - Warriors highest grade carbon for excellent strength to weight ratio
      • X-Weave fiber matrix - increased strength and response
      • Axy-Sym Technology 
        • More stretch on the front side, increased compression on the backside
        • Explosive recoil effect
    • Hosel:
      • Carbon Elite
      • Multi-Bias fiber placement to reinforce hosel
    • Core:
      • D-Lite blade core
        • Strong, lightweight impact density core
        • Additional durability cap around blade for added impact strength
    • Fits:
      • Low Kick-point shafts - Fits tapered shafts
    • Weight- 140 grams (Kopitar curve)


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    Warrior Tapered Hockey Blades Senior

    • The Warrior Dynasty HD1T Composite Hockey Blade is the premium, tapered blade option in from Warrior this year. The HD1T utilizes pro-spec, 12K carbon fiber just like the true one-piece. Internally, Warrior provided the HD1T with their premier Hardcore X Foam Package with Uni-Spar Reinforcement, offering top notch puck feel and responsiveness. 

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