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The Warrior Bully Hockey elbow pads showcase some good comfort and protection in a lightweight design. Even though it's an entry level elbow pad Warrior didn't slack off. The Bully has a solid molded elbow cap, and segmented bicep and forearm protection. This pad is good for any player who wants a lightweight flexible pad, but still needs to be a Bully sometimes.

The Bully elbow pads are a classic two piece design. The two piece design is meant to take a beating, but also be mobile. On the forearm of the elbow pad there is a large molded plastic cap for great protection. The Bicep/Tricep pads are also protective with plastic inserts, and are segmented for comfort and mobility.

Warrior has used their V-Tek liner on the Bully, which keeps the arm dry and odor away. The Bully also has a comfortable 3 strap system with improved straps. This system is comfortable and will keep your pad in place all game long. 

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: BULEPJ
  • Heritage: Warrior Bully 2011
  • Level of Play: Ideal for entry to intermediate level play
  • Warrior Sizing Guidelines:
    Pad Size / Height
    Jr. Small / 4'3" - 4'10"
    Jr. Large / 4'7" - 5'4"
    Jr. XL / 5'5" - 5'9" 


  • Protection:
    • Two-way protection system for optimum coverage
      • Layer of foam on the exterior of the elbow cap 
      • Reduces injuring blows to areas like the face and head
    • Two piece construction-
      • Features a large molded elbow cap, and segmented bicep protection
    • Sectioned forearm protection built with high-density foams and plastic inserts
    • Adjustable multi-segmented HD foams with PE inserts 
  • Liner:
    • V-Tek micro-mesh moisture-wicking liner
  • Fit:
    • 3 strap system-
      • Comfortable bicep and middle elastic straps.
      • Segmented Forearm flap with velcro closure.
    • Segmented bicep and forearm protection for improved fit and mobility
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Warrior Hockey Elbow Pads Junior & Youth

  • The Warrior Dynasty HD1 Hockey Elbow Pads are the flagship elbow pads in the Warrior Dynasty line. Using Smart Cap multi-impact technology in the elbow cap, the HD1 elbow pads use the perfect combination of high-density foams and hard plastic to provide pro-level protection and optimal mobility. 

  • The Warrior Dynasty HD Pro Hockey Elbow Pads provide a great level of protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Using Warrior's comfortable Wartech FnC liner with Polygiene, the shin guard will have accelerated sweat evaporation as well as anti-odor properties. 

  • The Warrior Dynasty AX3 Hockey Elbow Pads are the entry level model in the Dynasty series. These elbow pads utilize medium density foams reinforced with molded plastic inserts for good protection with a lightweight feel. The hinged 2-piece design allows greater freedom of movement in between the bicep and forearm for less restriction. 

    Sizes Available: JR L/XL
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