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The Verbero Aero Roller Hockey Puck provides an astonishing increase in inline puck performance while remaining intuitive to the player. The Aero hockey puck features a rigid design to increase responsiveness and it's inner contours diffuse airflow resulting in less drag and less weight. The multi radius contour provides constant contact between the puck and your blade while the 10 low profile Nylon gliders on each side result in smooth fast play. Ideal for indoor and very smooth outdoor play.  

The engineering aspects of the Aero Puck offer a consistent and intuitive tool that benefits both player and sport. 

  • Thick PVC body
    • Rigid design increases responsiveness
    • Inner contours diffuse airflow for less drag and weight displacement
    • Spoke like ribs provide strength and rigidity  
  • Unique vent design
    • Equalize air pressure between the downward and upward face
    • Increases speed and stability 
  • Multi radius contour circumference
    • Provides consistent stick contact for optimum feedback and control
  • 10 low profile Nylon gliders on each side
    • Extremely smooth and fast play
    • Less effective outdoors
  • Weight: 3.65 oz. 

The engineering aspects of the Aero Puck offer a consistent and intuitive tool that benefits both player and sport. 

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Comments: Quick, stable sliding puck on smooth concrete and sport court surfaces.  Definitely more ice-like than many of the other pucks I've used.  Does not IMOP work as well on asphalt or surfaces that are not smooth as it has a tend to bounce around when stick handling.  Holds up will to slap shots and hitting the iron.  Definitely holds up better than the ProPuck I bought at the same time.  The ProPuck sliders broke off after a few weeks of use.  The Verbero still going strong!  Will buy more of these in the future.
From: Dave, IL

Comments: I bought this puck with high hopes. I only got to use it once. I let a friend use it while I played goalie for a pick up (inline) game, and it didn't last past that night. It was faster than other pucks which we thought was good. HOWEVER, it was different, and no one else playing liked that. Also, by the end of the night, the puck was broken in two pieces. I've never seen a puck break that easily. Do I like the puck? Yes. I'm weary about recommending it. I want to love it. But it broke so darn fast.
From: Ben, Columbus, OH

Comments: This puck is pretty decent. it really slides well on outdoor rinks. the only thing i dont like is that it is a little too light for my liking.
From: ??

Comments: I like this puck a lot. It plays well, moves well and shoots well. But I have found that they break more easily than other pucks. Few hard shots off the crossbar or post and before you know it you have 2 halfs of a puck. Dissapointing.
From: Gear Executive, Fort Collins, CO

Comments: Best inline hockey puck ever! Great balance, fell, weight, don't bounce like other pucks and slides really well. Choose them in your next purchase
From: Wiktor,

Comments: do not use them when the weather is to cold , if not they break easily
From: Eric, Paris (France)

Comments: Brought this puck to warm ups before a league game. The refs saw it and loved it. They wanted to use it for the game. The puck moves well on the floor and passes like a dream. The puck played great until a slapshot was deflected and the puck was lodged into the ceiling foam. Not getting that one back. I am going to be buying a bunch more.
From: Tim, PA

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