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The Vaughn Vision 9500 Goalie Chest Protector features full Pro spec construction to achieve an elevated level of performance and protection. The unit is designed to work with the natural movements of the body utilizing Bio-Flex engineering that allows maximum mobility without reducing protection in the critical areas of impact.

Larger shoulder floaters increase net coverage and increase protection by 30% utilizing new multi layered HD inserts that strengthen the surface area for increased blocking and deflecting ability. Main arm floaters feature a no gap design that adds protection from all angles and creates a more solid blocking surface. The top portion of the floater is angled to eliminate gaps at the upper arm and increases surface area. Wide bicep padding envelops the outer area of the arm for more complete coverage and features 30% thicker foam padding for greater impact resistance. Multi-piece chest protector allows the unit to flex and follow lower body movements so the unit stays in place while in a crouched position. Large sternum protector creates a larger surface area for improved shock dispersal. New inner blocks in the base of the chest pad hold the unit more stable in the chest region for improved impact resistance and creates a firmer surface to support the shoulder floaters for added rigidity for puck blocking. Unique design and construction supports the weight of the unit on the shoulders and functions to balance the weight of the unit over the body core for a lighter feel and precise custom fit. The arms are constructed with an aero spacer dimensional mesh material for ventilation and extreme flexibility. This also provides added cooling and faster than ever break-in.

  • Model Number: VP9500
  • Level of Play:
    • Roller: Professional
    • Ice: Professional
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Size / Height
      • XS / 5' - 5'2"
      • SM / 5'3" - 5'5"
      • MD / 5'6" - 5'9"
      • LG / 5'10" - 6'
      • XL / 6'1" - 6'5"

• Enhanced performance with Pro spec construction

• Light weight and faster break-in
• Large shoulder floaters with HD inserts for solid blocking surface
• Main arm floaters with increased coverage 
• Light weight aero spacer mesh arms for flexibility
• Multi-flex chest pad design
• Four point adjustable elbow pads
• Adjustable wrist straps
• Tapered forearm padding 
• High density spine protector
• Military spec two color buckles for durability
• Cushioned chest pad back for comfort and added shock dispersal

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