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The Vaughn Ventus LT90 Pro Goalie Blocker features unique design elements as well as top of the line professional level protection and materials. The Ventus LT90 blocker is custom hand crafted in the USA with Pro Spec construction meeting all NHL requirements.

The Ventus LT90 features a special high density internal foam blocker board, reinforced with a polyethylene plastic insert that provides additional durability and protection. The blocker board also features a narrowed taper bottom board edge that allows for quick paddle down movements, makes it easier to pick up the goal stick and offers gapless coverage along the ice so no pucks can slip through. The LT90 blocker's side hand protective shield creates additional stiffness and reduces twisting of the blocker when taking a shot as well as improves rebound control and protection. An additional air chamber pad positioned directly behind the side hand shield increases protection and helps keep the shield square for extended coverage. Vaughn's special MSH3 material is used throughout the palm construction providing an incredible feel as well as pro level durability. The palm is designed with anatomically curved fingers for a more natural feel, a textured surface that improves grip and padding to help reduce stick vibrations. Finger tip protection has been increased with the use of the extra-large finger guards. The high density (HD) foam and plastic inserts provide pro-level impact protection and the dual inner index finger pads provide additional protection from shots that can ride up paddle of the stick. Hand attachment positioning on the blocker has been moved an inch to drop the board lower, effectively increasing net coverage down low.

The Vaughn Ventus LT90 goal blocker provides excellent professional level protection and features designed to maximize goaltending game play.

  • Model Number: BLT90
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play: (Senior)
    • Roller: Up to Professional
    • Ice: Up to Professional
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Senior: 7" - 8 3/8"
    • Measured from heel of palm to tip of middle finger
  • Hand Selection:
    • Regular = Blocker used on the right hand
    • Full Right = Blocker used on the left hand
  • Exterior:
    • Made in the USA
    • Pro Spec construction
    • Pro grade synthetic leather
    • No binding construction
      • Increases blocking surface area
  • Interior:
    • Backhand cradle pad
      • Helps reduce shot impact vibrations
      • Limits blocker twisting upon impact
  • Cuff:
    • Large wrist opening
    • Flex cuff
  • Finger Guards:
    • Reinforced finger tip protection with large surface area
      • HD foam and plastic inserts for maximum impact reduction
    • Large side hand shield with air cushion padding
    • Dual side index finger protection
  • Blocker Board:
    • High density (HD) internal foam blocking board reinforced with polyethylene plastic insert
    • Large top board flare
      • Provides improved control over deflecting rebounds
    • Tapered bottom board
      • Improves paddle down positioning
  • Palm:
    • Ergonomically shaped palm with cushion padding
      • Helps reduce stick hand vibrations
  • Weight:
    • 1.85lbs
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