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The Vaughn Velocity V6 1100 Goalie Leg Pads offer professional level protection and lightweight performance for the Hybrid or Butterfly goaltender, at an amazing price. The V6 1100 leg pads have a brand new Pro Core inner foam technology throughout that greatly reduces pad shrinkage that occurs over time and helps maximize blocking surface. 

The V6 1100 leg pads are constructed using extremely high quality materials like a new Pro Core inner foam. The Pro Core inner foam technology is an innovative new design that greatly increases the performance and life of the pad by packing it with ultra high density foam. All pads shrink over time with consistent use, but this ultra high density foam helps keep the shape of the pad like new for much longer. The face, inner, and outer rolls are covered in high quality synthetic leather, able to withstand constant abuse. The outer edge of the pad is covered in a nylon material keeping the pad as lightweight as possible.

The Velocity 1100 leg pads use a flat faced design that produces more predictable rebounds to help deflect the pucks away from the goal with control. The leg pads have one visible break below the knee in the outer roll that increases flexibility while also keeping the thigh rise rigid for maximum cover when butterflying. Protecting the upper thigh and knee areas is a molded lightweight thigh guard and knee cap, adjustable with elastic strap. The knee cradle is larger than previous models, extending onto the inner landing area to ensure better balance when dropping into the butterfly. One large high density foam knee stack keeps your knee elevated above the playing surface while in the butterfly position. Protecting the lower leg is the 3 piece calf wrapping system made from medium density foams wrapped in nylon. The inner edge balance stabilizer with wide profile helps keep your balance when flush against the playing surface. The V6 1100 leg pad has 5 leather straps, one on the boot, three over the calf and one on the thigh.

The Velocity V6 1100 leg pads are professional quality, and at almost half the cost of most other top of the line pads.

  • Model Number: VPG1100
  • Heritage: V5 7490
  • Level of Play: (Senior)
    • Roller: Intermediate -> Professional
    • Ice: Intermediate -> Professional
  • Playing Style: Hybrid or Butterfly


Don't see the size and/or color that you want? Send us an email at info@inlinewarehouse.com or call 1-800-366-3070 to inquire about it! 

  • Exterior:
    • High quality synthetic leathers used in the face of the pads
    • V6 graphics 
    • Top and bottom wear trim
      • Reduces fraying
  • Protection:
    • Over squared inner thigh rise
      • Better five hole coverage and protection
    • Stiff high density foams used to provide pro level protection
  • Face:
    • Flat face design
    • Internal ultra high density foam Pro core
  • Outer Roll:
    • One break in outer roll below knee
      • Added flexibility while keeping upper portion rigid for maximum blocking
    • Break in boot
      • Flexible boot allows more powerful load up and pushes
  • Inner Roll:
    • Wide inside edge provides increased pad control and balance when positioned on the playing surface and allows for faster more controlled movements
    • Inner edge balance stabilizer ensures proper pad placement while on the playing surface, added stability and tight seal for added coverage.
  • Thigh Guard:
    • Large thigh guard
    • Full knee cap protection
    • One elastic strap
    • Soft and medium density foams
    • Mesh liner for breathability, nylon outer material for durability
  • Knee Cradle:
    • Large knee cradle extended on inner landing area
      • Greater pad control and quick pad rotation
      • Dual elastic straps
  • Knee Stack:
    • One large piece knee stack
      • Combines foam knee block into one large design that fits more ergonomically with the knee cradle
      • More consistent when dropping to the butterfly
      • Elastic strap holds knee stack in place
  • Calf Wrap: 
    • 4-piece calf wrap design
    • Large outer and inner calf wraps 
      • Protects the inner calf on the playing surface while in the butterfly position and outer calf when hugging post
    • Medium density foam outer calf wrap for added protection. 
  • Leg Channel:
    • Wide leg channel design
      • Better mobility and rotation
    • Soft foams for comfort and impact absorption
  • Boot Channel:
    • Smooth style instep and sliding toe skate system
      • Allows faster pad positioning into the butterfly
  • Straps: 
    • One elastic loop strap on extended upper thigh guard
    • 2 elastic velcro straps on the inner knee stack
    • One leather strap around the thigh and knee
    • Three leather straps over calf
    • One adjustable leather boot strap
    • Toe bridge with laces to secure the fit around the skate
  • NHL™ Legal Size Pad
  • Note:
    • +2" Sizing is standard on the Velocity V6 1100
  • Weight:
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