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The Vaughn Velocity V5 7800 Goalie Hockey Pant is part of Vaughn's professional level goalie equipment offering the highest level of protection. The Velocity 5 goal pant is designed to achieve maximum net coverage while continuing to provide outstanding flexibility and optimal performance.

Vaughn's V5 7800 goalie pant works with a goalies natural movements improving overall performance and comfort. Wide thigh cradle technology keeps thigh pads square for maximum net coverage and protection. Vaughn's internal thigh cradle design also limits twisting for improved puck stopping and deflection. Additional protection on the inner thigh comes from the high density foam inserts that not only add protection but also help seal off the five hole. The 7800 hockey goal pants have stretch gusseting materials that runs throughout the crotch and inner thigh providing added flexibility and ventilation. New molded high density floating hip and thigh pads help reduce the overall weight while increasing protection. The floating abdominal pad helps protect the lower portion of your abdomen and extends into the groin area providing gapless protection. Vaughn's wide profile design and contoured waist provides comfort and allows the goalie chest protector to be worn inside or outside the pant. The shell is constructed with a high tenacity nylon because of the water resistance and allows the pant to move along the ice without grabbing. 

The Vaughn Velocity 7800 hockey pant delivers unmatched professional level protection and innovative design features that can improve your game as a goaltender.

  • Model Number: P7800
  • Heritage: Vaughn Velocity V4 7600
  • Level of Play:
    • Roller: Professional
    • Ice: Professional
  • Vaughn Sizing Guideline:
    • Size // Waist Measurement
      • SM // 36" - 38"
      • MD // 40" - 42"
      • LG // 44" - 46"
      • XL // 48" - 50"
      • XXL // 52" - 54"


Note: Add 8-10 inches to actual waist size then match to appropriate pant size.

Fitting Guide: Recommendations are based on average-sized consumers and should be used as a guide only.

  • Construction:
    • High tenacity nylon shell
      • Lightweight durable material
    • Hydro quick mesh internal liner
      • Lightweight, comfort, durability, and faster drying
    • Stretch gusset materials used on crotch and inner thighs
      • Improves flexibility and ventilation
    • Rear leg split on pant shell
      • Keeps the thigh pad properly positioned for improved coverage
  • Protection:
    • Floating spine protective pad
    • Floating tailbone protection
      • Plastic inserts reinforced with foam
    • Floating hip panel protection
    • Floating abdominal pad
    • Floating inner and outer thigh medium density foam pillows
    • Segmented kidney protection reinforced with HD foam
    • Molded poly thigh guards
    • HD foam outer and inner thigh protection
    • Molded poly hip guards reinforced with low density foam
  • Fit:
    • Traditional lace up system
    • Adjustable nylon belt
    • Suspender ready buttons
  • Weight:
    • 3.95lbs (Based on a Senior Medium)
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Vaughn Hockey Goalie Pants Senior & Intermediate

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  • The Vaughn Ventus LT88 Goalie Hockey Pant uses high quality materials and a perfectly executed design to provide advanced level protection. The wide profile cut on the LT88 goal pant allows for complete flexibility while still maximizing coverage.

  • The Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Goalie Pant utilizes carbon fiber and HD foam to produce one of the lightest pants on the market, while still providing professional level performance and protection. The 2200 has a slimmer waist than the other pants in Vaughn's lineup, and with an inner belt, this goalie pant is perfect for goaltenders that prefer to wear their chest protector on the outside.

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  • The Vaughn Velocity V6 2000 Goalie Pant combines maximum net coverage, complete protection and excellent flexibility to produce a professional level pant. With a slimmer waist, this goalie pant is perfect for goaltenders that prefer to have their chest protector on the outside.

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  • The Vaughn Velocity V6 1000 Goalie Pant features wide thigh guards designed to maximize net coverage while still working with the natural movements of goaltenders. Because of its tapered waist, this goalie pant is perfect for goaltenders that prefer to have their chest protector on the outside.

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  • The Vaughn Velocity V6 1100 Goalie Pant is an Intermediate version of the V6 2200 goal pant, and has the same construction as well as much of the same materials that are used on the professional level 2200 pant. The 1100 goal pant is tapered at the waist, and because of the snug fit it is designed for the chest protector to be worn on the outside of the pant.

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