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The Vaughn Velocity V5 7490i Goalie Catcher has been scaled down to fit younger goalies while still offering similar quality and protection as the senior version. The one-piece cuff design gives goaltenders a larger solid blocking surface as well as better shot protection.

The Velocity 7490i goalie glove has been improved by incorporating a new lace break-palm design and internals that make the catcher easier to open and close and offers a more consistent break in. New stitched on Velocity V5 graphics give the goalie catcher a high quality professional look and feel.

The 7490i goalie glove features an innovative design with a large catching surface and deeper shape creates more volume in the palm. The Velocity V5 7490i goalie glove is using a single T-web pocket designed with an offset base attachment and skate lace pocket that helps improve pocket opening and reduces puck spin for puck retention.

High quality materials are used throughout the Vaughn Velocity 7490i including the durable synthetic leather used on all of the high wear and impact areas. Light breathable nylon materials are used to wick away moisture and provide protection to the back of the hand. The finger stalls are constructed using mesh materials that allow improved airflow and help keep you hands cooler during gameplay. Lining the palm of the Velocity 7490i catcher is a Nash synthetic leather that maintains a textured feel even when wet.

The fit on the Velocity goalie glove comes from three adjustable straps, one across the fingers, another across the back of you hand and finally one at the wrist. The Vaughn Velocity strapping system allows for greater control and limits glove twist when taking hard shots on the edges. Adjustable knuckle straps allows the keeper to achieve a custom fit as well as gain more control.

The Vaughn Velocity V5 7490i goalie glove offers excellent protection for intermediate goalkeepers offering advanced level protection. Vaughn goalie equipment has been designed to improve your roller hockey and ice hockey gameplay through years of experience.
  • Model Number: T7490i
  • Heritage: Vaughn Velocity V4 7480i
  • Level of Play: (Intermediate)
    • Roller: Up to Professional
    • Ice: Up to Advanced
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Intermediate: 6 1/4" - 7"
    • Measured from heel of palm to tip of middle finger
  • Hand Selection:
    • Regular = Catcher used on the left hand
    • Full Right = Catcher used on the right hand
  • Construction:
    • Custom Spec construction
      • With additional padding
    • High grade synthetic leather
      • Durable material
    • Flared flex cuff box
      • Improved puck deflection
  • Pocket:
    • Wide open frontal surface palm area
    • Offset T-web design
      • Improved pocket opening
      • Enhanced puck retention
    • Skate lace pocket
  • Frontside Protection:
    • One-piece cuff design
      • Larger blocking surface
      • Improved shot protection
    • Lightweight perimeter balanced for feel
    • No binding cuff
      • Added blocking area
    • Front molded thumb and cuff component
    • Heat moldable for custom fit
  • Backside Protection:
    • High-density foam fingertip protection
    • Segmented backhand flap
      • Can be fully opened to allow improved drying
    • Flexible backhand cuff
      • Wrist and backhand protection
  • Inside:
    • Knitted mesh finger stalls
      • Allows excellent breathability
      • Helps keep your hand cool
    • Nash leather lined palm for durability
    • Leather lined soft foam hand bridge
      • Adds comfort
      • Absorbs shock
  • Fit:
    • Three Adjustable straps
      • Finger stall
      • Backhand
      • Wrist
    • Adjustable Knuckle straps
      • Allows for a custom fit
      • Improves control
  • Weight:
    • 2.24lbs
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Comments: Being a full right goalie, it was difficult to find a matching pair of blocker/catcher, so I eventually settled for the pair of V5 7490's. The catcher was difficult to close at first. It requires some breaking in for 3 or 4 days. Simply watch some TV and keep closing and opening it. When you go to sleep, put a puck in it and tie a rubber band around it. On the ice, this catcher is great. Any pucks that make it in the catcher stay in the catcher. It is really easy to close (once its broken in). Putting your hand inside is really comfortable, with several finger holes for your fingers. Puck marks come frequently. It's a white catcher, so there's not much of a suprise here. The only
downside is its pretty hard to take shots or play the puck with this glove. Nonetheless, this is a great catcher for the intermediate toadvanced level of ice play.

From: Kyle, CA

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