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The Vaughn Velocity 7990 Comp Goalie Stick is Vaughn's top end composite goal stick constructed with 100% carbon fiber making the stick extremely lightweight with superior balance and performance.

Vaughn's 7990 100% carbon fiber construction offers goalies great durability and stiffness that reduces flex and twist. Vaughn is using a reinforced internal layering of carbon graphite along the edges giving the stick added durability in though's high wear areas. Carbon fiber covers the blade with internal ribs for added strength as well as reducing the twist helping you make the save. The high density internal foam core helps absorb any impact shock and reduces the amount of rebound giving the goalie excellent control. The high density foam also gives the stick great response and provides additional stiffness for shooting and poke checking. The construction molding process is done under very high pressure and heat to ensure full wet out of all fibers. This is done to ensure complete structural bonding of all the layers of fiber and adhesion to the internal core.

The VGS 7990 goal stick is built with all of the high end materials and technologies one would expect from a pro goalie stick. The VGS 7990 is an excellent choice for any goalie looking for an extremely lightweight top of the line goal stick for any level of ice hockey.

  • Model Number: VGS7990
  • Heritage: Vaughn 7990
  • Level of Player(Senior)
    • Roller: Up to Professional
    • Ice: Up to Professional
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Regular = Stick used in the Right hand
    • Full Right = Stick used in the Left hand
  • Construction:
    • Full Carbon Fiber construction
      • Lightweight
      • Superior balance
      • Incredible feel and performance
    • High pressure heat molded
      • Ensures full resin transfer throughout composite materials
      • Added strength and consistency
  • Shaft:
    • Traditional feel
      • Straight walls with rounded corners
  • Paddle:
    • Flat face profile design
      • More effective blocking surface
      • More predictable rebounds
    • Reinforced carbon graphite edges
      • Additional strength along the edges
      • More durable
    • High density foam core
      • Dampens impacts
      • Helps prevents unwanted flex
  • Blade:
    • Internal rib structures
      • Added durability and stiffness
      • Prevents twisting
    • High density foam core reduces shock and rebounds
    • Rounded heel
      • Prevents wear
      • Improves shooting and puck handling
  • Grip:
    • Traditional smooth paint 
  • Weight:
    • 816 grams (Based on a 26" paddle)
  • Paddle Sizing Guidelines:
    • Vaughn Measurement = Universal Measurement
    • 25" = 26.5"
    • 26" = 27.5"
    • 27" = 28.5"
    • Universal Measurement is taken from the top of the handle to the first point of contact with the playing surface (heel).
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