UnderCover has been re-imagining aggressive inline skate wheels for the past decade. UC exclusively makes wheels from the highest quality, all poured at the same factory in California, USA. When purchasing UC wheels you can be sure that you have the highest quality and longest lasting wheel in blading. UnderCover puts color under your feet.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

UnderCover Wheels

    • Size: 60mm
    • Type: Aggressive
    • Hardness: 90A


    The UnderCover Nick Lomax Pro Wheels are 60mm, which makes them great for anti-rocker and freestyle setups, giving you great speed for stylish opportunities. One of the best choices for park skating!

    • Size: 59mm
    • Type: Aggressive
    • Hardness: 88A


    The Undercover Werbeski Pro Aggressive Wheels are of the extreme quality that you would expect from a pro like Dustin. Scary clown graphics are perfect for expressing style, and the wheel is designed for fast rolling, the type that Dustin himself likes. 

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