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Tour Thor EX1 Roller Hockey Skates are the top of the line roller hockey skate from Tour. Tour has added a new surlyn material in the quarter package to make the 2010 Tour skates lighter and offer an improved level of support. The Thor EX1 skate is the only skate in the Tour skate line that offers a full carbon composite outsole and anti-micorbial liner. The Tour Thor EX1 skates come with Swiss Elite micro bearings and the slick white Labeda Addiction wheels.  Faster and lighter!

  • Model Number: 103BL
  • Heritage: Tour Code Tabu
  • Level of Player: Ideal for the advance to pro level player
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Tour boot are med-high volume, wide heel pocket, medium-wide across top of foot and forefoot and toe box. Traditional stance.
  • Sizing Guidelines: Tour skates generally fit a 1 size down from your regular shoe size


  • Quarter Package:
    • Pro-level, ultra light Metaflex™ quarter panels reinforced with Ultra-lite Pro stiffener package
    • New surlyn material in the quarter allows for improved support with a lighter weight
  • Ankle Foams:
    • Custom reinforced ankle support unit
    • Performance memory foam padding
  • Heel Support:
    • Heel Stabilizer
  • Liner:
    • H-400 Anti bacteria, quilted liner
  • Tongue Construction:
    • Thin performance mesh tongue with HD foams for protection
  • Outsole:
    • Carbon graphite outsole-Maximizes energy transfer
    • Direct Power System (DPS™)- This is a cavity in the front portion of the outsole allowing larger 80mm wheels to be recessed into the skate. Therefore, the skate can use all 80mm sized wheels to increase the player’s speed and maximum grip, while still maintaining a low center of gravity.
      Low center of gravity = more control more speed!
  • Frame: Labeda Eviction Pro Series frame:
    • Extruded Aluminum frame
    • Single Axle design
    • Use all one size wheel for maximum speed and grip
    • Wheel sizes:
      Skate size 5-6 - 76mm
      Skate size 7-13 - 80mm
  • Wheels: Labeda Addiction Wheels
    • 688 micro hub design
    • Maximum grip for fast indoor play
    • Labeda's top-end wheel
  • Bearings:
    • Bevo Swiss elite micro (688) bearings - 688 bearings are up to 75% lighter than 608 bearings!
    • Includes a FREE set of Swiss elite (608) bearings just in case your favorite wheels are only available for standard bearings
  • Weight of One Size 9D skate: posted upon arrival
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Comments: As my first pair of inline hockey skates, I am very impressed with both the quality and price. The skate seems to be able to hold someone of my weight (+/- 205 lbs) with relative ease. The Labeda Addy wheels grip well on sport court and the chassis is almost weightless. My online 'beef' with these Tours is the high ankle support. As @Josh mentioned, one may have to skip an eyelet(s) to get that forward flex. For me, I skip the last two eyelets due to the way I skate. All in all, this is an excellent choice especially given the drastic sale price.
From: C-Bar

Comments: Great pair of skates, got them right when they came out when I had the Tour Code Tabu skates and I have not been disappointed one bit. I play defense and take lots of pucks and sticks to the skates and the chassis has maintained its structural integrity and the boot still feels like it was more than 2 years ago. I would recommend these to any advanced level skater looking to increase their level of play.
From:  Jake at IW Hockey

Comments: Best skates I've ever rode, can't believe they're so cheaply priced. Tour is great. Bearings are great- I put new harder wheels on because I ride outside, but skates were ready to go other than that.
From: Adam, Torrington, WY

Comments: Just switched to these after about 12 years on the original 982 Fishbones.  Tour changed the sizes and these even in the same size are bigger.  It takes a bit to get used to skating on all 80mm wheels compared to a high-lo set up.  Skates are great, super comfortable, fit great when baked, wheels are awesome for a guy my size, 6'3 250.  Only thing I don't like is the tongue, I have to skip the last eyelets out so I can get some forward flex without having lacebite.  Otherwise, for the current cost they are totally worth it
From: Josh

Comments: Best skates i have used. The skate is very comfortable. The wheels are the best wheels out there and the bearing that come with the skates are nice too. On my other pair of Tour skates i had problems with the lace bite but on these skates that problem was fixed.
From: Austin, CO

Comments: I have has these skates for 6 months now. I thought these skates where going to be better but they are still pretty good. They are deffenetly worth the price. These skates give you a very smooth ride and they are very fast. The wheels suck really bad though, I can't stop in them. Every time I try I just end up sliding across the floor. I have had them for 6 months now and I use them eight hours a week, every week. The outsole is allready falling off the boot. I would give this skate 4 out of 5 stars.
From: Danny, MI

Comments: I have been on tours for over 12 years, since my first pair of TR2000s. These are very nice skates, but not for the price (original retail) I've had these skates for ~1.5 years now playing 2 times per week and they have held up fairly well. (I am just now starting to pull lace eyelets out of their holes) They are still rather stiff and have not broken down as quickly as some of the other tours I have had. The stock mini bearings are garbage, however, so I took the 608-sized swiss bearings they include with the package and traded the stock mini-hub Labedas addictions for 608 hub addictions and was more than happy. The Eviction frame is also top notch. I am 6'0" 205 and have taken some pretty solid hits to the chassis and they are still straight as an arrow. With the new sale price, I could definitely recommend these to a friend, but when they were ~$600, I could have gotten more for my money elsewhere
From: Dominic

Comments: Had tour skates all my life cant say i plan on changing. awesome skate. light weight, top line wheels and bearings, and rather comfortable.
From: Corey, PA

Comments: cannot recommend these skates to anyone. The tongue is terrible, and they are a little heavy for a top of the line skate. I have had these for only 6 months and the stiffness is completely gone. I have no support left in the skates and I am already looking for replacements. Very disappointed with this product.
From: Kyle

Comments: Really dissapointed with these. Opened the box to find layers of the surlyn and foam peeling. Have had many pairs of Tour skates over the years and it's clear that the recent lines are not as well made as previous years. Bottom line is they are not to the standard I expected for the money, not super stiff like a top skate should be. I am serious player and wanted serious skates with pro level support, these simply won't do. Also completley pointless having the carbon outsole as the inner sole is think nylon or mylar which is heavy and negates any benefit of the carbon. I'll be looking for an alernative skate and doubt I'll ever lace these up.
From: Karl

From:  Nick, Hawaii

Comments: These skates are like biting into a fresh Kemper's deli submarine. Can you taste those PICKLES?!?!?
From: Craig

From: Cr

Comments:Very happy with these skates. I have used Tour for years and I dont plan on changing any time soon. The skates are one better than the Cobalt Qs i bought, except the Thor EX1 are a bit lighter and give more comfort and grip in tight turns. They need a bit of breaking in, but so do all new skates! The ony down side is the price tag as i had to also import them aswell, but these are definately a top notch skate and if you can afford them, you wont be dissapointed
From: Ash

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Tour Roller Hockey Skates Senior

  • The Tour Code 1 Roller Hockey Skates are the premier model in this next-gen Code skate line that was built specifically for elite roller hockey players. It debuts exciting features such as an adjustable tongue that has felt running to the end of the toe box, a new flexible tendon guard and even better durability than ever before with Vibram wear pads. 

  • The Tour Code 2 Skate is a high-performance indoor skate that won't break the bank. Also found on the flagship Code 1, this Code 2 features the same high-end A.R.C. adjustable tongue and the Knetik flexible tendon guard. Meanwhile, the Labeda Millenium 76A indoor wheels and the Bevo Gold 9 bearings give players premium speed and grip, ideal for higher-level indoor play.

  • The Tour Code 3 Roller Hockey Skates offer a ton of value for the price. Th new Vorrac boot is built to provide solid support and stability, which can also be heatmolded for a truly personalized fit. New to Tour and the entire hockey industry are the Vibram wear patches found on both sides of the quarter package. This italian company is very well known in the shoe industry because of just how durable their soles are, which made a perfect partnership for Tour to better protect their skates from wear and tear. 

  •  The Tour Fish Bone 9 Pro Roller Hockey Skates are Tour's flagship model, showcasing their best materials and features. The most noticeable and the most notable update in design is the bright blue Quanza Tough Light quarter package. This durable, supportive material not only offers elite-level responsiveness but it has a great out-of-the-box fit too. The tongue has also been updated to a pro-inspired, Aero-Ridge II which is designed to provide top notch protection for the top of the foot while also helping to prevent lace-bite. 

  • The Tour Fish BoneLite 725 Limited Edition Roller Hockey Skates are a totally updated version of the original 725 skate. This Tour 725 LE Skate features a brand new Hum'er Pro Rival frame, which utilizes magnesium and aluminum for a lightweight and durable chassis. This holds a straight set up of Labeda Millenium wheels and their Bevo Gold-9 Race Bearings; giving players speed, power and grip. 

  • The Tour Fish BoneLite 325 Roller Hockey Skates are a solid choice for the occasional pick up player or the parent who likes to play puck with their child after work. Tour's new Tuff-Skin quarter package is not only quite comfortable, but the exterior is designed to withstand a beating from rough outdoor surfaces. The aluminum Tri-Coil Chassis holds the new Rival outdoor wheels that be used on asphalt or concrete. For a pro-inspired look and feel, the 325 utilizes a thick white felt tongue and a soft, moisture-wicking nylon liner. 

    Sizes Available: 12.0
  • The Tour Fish BoneLite 225 Roller Hockey Skates are the entry-level model in the Tour Fish BoneLite Line, perfect for the casual or new-to-hockey player. Tour gave their 225 skate a pro-inspired white felt tongue that has substantial thickness backed with injected foams, making it real hard to beat at this price. The nylon quarter package works with the the injected outsole, giving players a forgiving yet sturdy feel on the rink.

    Sizes Available: 12.0
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