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The Tour Evolution 6000 Goalie Leg Pads provide affordable lightweight protection for goalies playing recreational hockey.

Tour's high quality durable materials help protect the goalie as well as help with the overall wear and tear. Synthetic leather is used on the face of the pads, and is used to cover the upper and lower seams. Nylon fabric is used throughout the remainder of the pads providing good breathability qualities.  

The Tour 6000 leg pads are designed to have similar protection as some of the higher end pads. These pads are extremely lightweight and offer great protection for goalies playing at the recreational levels of play. Lightweight EVA foam is used throughout giving the goalie sufficient protection and allows the pad to keep a square profile after breaking in. Keeping the pads as light as possible allows the goalie to move with excellent agility while helping with reducing fatigue. The custom deep well fit leg channels comfortably protect your legs while keeping the leg pad in place. Tour's improved the pro contour by making by making the profile thin and flat, allowing for more rebound control. Tour is using what they call Flex Knee Control, giving the pads more flex at the knee, also helping with the mobility. Holding the pads in place are four nylon adjustable straps fitted with quick release plastic buckles. Two leather straps at the bottom of the pad lock in the heal and boot, keeping the lower portion of the pad from lifting and rotating.

The Tour Evolution 6000 leg pads are a good choice for anyone wanting a pad that offers some added protection when playing recreational ball, roller hockey. 

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: G351AE
  • Level of Play: (Senior)
    • Roller: Up to Recreational
    • Ice: Up to Recreational
  • Playing Style: Hybrid

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Excluded from shipping promotions. Ground is only $9.75 per shipment. Please refer to the Shipping Page for further information. Must ship via FedEx/UPS only - No Postal Service


  • Exterior:
    • Synthetic leather
      • Good for durability
    • Screen printed Tour logos and graphics
  • Protection:
    • Lightweight design and construction
    • Lightweight EVA foams
  • Face:
    • Flat-face design
      • Good for controlling rebounds
  • Outer Roll:
    • Squared outer roll design
    • Two breaks in outer roll
      • Break below the knee as well as at the boot for flex
  • Inner Roll:
    • One-piece flat inside edge
  • Thigh Guard:
    • Thin EVA foam flap
    • 2" elastic strap
  • Knee Stack:
    • 2 piece thin EVA foam flaps
    • Flex knee control
  • Calf Wrap: 
    • Thin Medium density foam flap
  • Leg Channel:
    • Custom deep well fit
      • Keeps the pad in place
    • Soft padding
      • For comfort
  • Boot Channel:
    • Deep boot channel
      • Allows the leg pad to fit directly over the skate, allowing the leg pad to be much closer to the playing surface
  • Straps: 
    • 4 1" Adjustable nylon leg straps with quick release plastic buckles
    • 1 3/4" Leather ankle strap
    • 1 3/4" Leather boot strap
  • Weight:
    • 3lbs (Based on Senior 32" leg pad)
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Comments: Similar to Matt from Terrace, BC I have had the straps tear away at the stitching on first use. This has happened twice now as the store I bought them at swapped the first pair out for a new pair no questions asked, and the second pair just did the same thing to me tonight on first use, so I'll be taking those back in the morning. First pair three straps came out at the seam, and a fourth had the prongs on the clip come right off. This was before the first period ended. The second pair I took to a rat session tonight to break in and one strap tore from the seam as soon as I put them on and skated from the locker room, and another popped out before the end of the night. So my experience here is saying this is not an anomaly like Matt suggests or I just have terrible luck (distinct possibility).
From: Ian, Chicago, IL

Comments: Comments:Used these 7 times at a drop in ball hockey I run in a local gym. First use a strap tore away at the stitching. Since then I have had to re-sew 3 straps and now have to replace a clasp that has broken. Clasps were constantly letting go and I continually had to stop play to do them back up. I would love to get in touch with the manufacturer about this as judging by the reviews it is an anomaly.
From: Matt, Terrace, BC, Canada

Comments: I bought these mostly due to the $160 price and being a first time goalie at 49, needed something to start learning the position and purchase other gear that can run up your costs. I agree with others comments - very light, easy to use, but the knee pads are kinda thin. They have almost tore off completely after almost 2 years of moderate use, mostly on sportcourt tiles but occasionally smooth concrete garage sessions with my son. Bauer knee pads saved my knees and no issues hitting the floor. I dont use the thigh pad and actually have it reverse strapped to pad front and it never moves or anything. I haven't had any issues with the nylon straps or plastic buckles not working and can pull them pretty snug. I did have to self-cut and shorten one leather strap/buckle around the lower calf as it seemed to have gotten stitched into the interior of the pad and couldn't slide it or undo to adjust. Sharp knife and pop rivet with small washers works every time for you McGyver type s. I would buy them again (36's)but am considering upgrading to Tour Vulture 9000 or Sherwood T90 mostly due to the much better knee pads set up. I do have the matching Tour Evo 6000 blocker and catcher (got the pair for $90)and very happy with that gear.
From: Robbie, USA

Comments: I use this set of pads in a puck roller league. They protect well, and rotate very well. They have a nice look and are super light, which is really nice because it can get quite hot while playing in the summer. They do butterfly well, but if you are going to be going down on your knees at all you will need to purchase knee pads, or your knees will pay ,i found that one out the hard way. I purchased a pair of reebok knee pads and now the problem is fine. The pads are much more durable than expected, I've been using them at least once a week, up to three times, for the past 6 months are there has been minimal wear. Rebounds can be kind of big, but for the money they are a great set of pads.
From: Michael

Comments: I have had these pads for a season of inline hockey, we use a puck in our league and they have held up very well. I usually skate between 1 and 3 times a week with them and they have shown little to no wear. The best part about these pads are they are so much lighter than my ice pads. The pads butterfly very well, and the extra inch wide covers a lot of net. The 36s are also about the same size as a 38, so thats even more net covered. The only down fall of these pads are the lack of knee protection. This however can be solved by wearing knee pads. Since I started using knee pads, these pads have been great. I would definitely recommend them!
From: Michael, MI

Comments: Mostly great pads for intermediate ball hockey league. One of the straps broke the second game I used these pads and I'm tempted to return the pads. I may just tailor my own straps on instead, still debating. The plastic buckle straps are just awful. Would have liked to have had open toe at the bottom to. However, VERY light pads and more than adequate protection for ball/inline hockey. OTher than the straps and the closed toe, this is the perfect pad for me.
From: Dave

Comments:Concur with the other comments, they wear pretty fast around the foot on smooth concrete. Plastic buckle broke during the first warm up. Plastic buckles need an upgrade. Other than that I would buy them again. Super light great movement and a huge upgrade from the old mylecs, especially on the knees.
From: Brownie, NJ

Comments:love these pads but they do wear down fast.i play on smooth black top,they rotate great and are sick light.lightest pads i have ever worn and they butterfly perectly.
From: James, NY

Comments:Great product
From: Brian

Comments:Just bought these pads in 34" size for a roller puck league that I am in. The info on the pads say 11" wide but they measure more like a 12" wide pad, which is great for me. They are very light and protect very well against the pucks we use. Not sure how good they would work for ice hockey though... They placed two leather straps at the bottom which is great but they could have gone the distance. The top four buckles are nylon straps with plastic buckles. That's my only complaint with these pads. They look good and they seem to be reinforced at the important spots like the knee folds for example. I looked all over the place for these pads and the best price by far was at the inlinewarehouse website. I got free shipping which arrived at my house five days after purchase. Pros: Very lightweight. Cool look. Great Price. Above average quality material. Cons: Four nylon straps with plastic buckles that go from the calf to the thigh.
From: Jr, New Jersey

Comments:Just got a couple sets of these pads for some ball hockey, and at first I was a little skeptical. They looked really nice, but at first they seemed a little...iffy. Once I had them fitted properly and had both pads on and did some jumping around on the hardwood floor, I was sold. For the price point, these are probably the best pads around (that I've had the opportunity to try anyhow.) They are nice and light, very slick looking, and easy to get around in. If I was to have any complaints about them it would just be about the buckles, the bottom 2 are leather and the top 4 are nylon with plastic buckles...however, they seem very strong and the plastic buckles are much better than your typical run of the mill street hockey pads per-say. All in all, if you need some good rec pads for ball/roller hockey and your on a budget, try these things out for sure...I looked for months on end and couldn't find a deal even close to this good. Werd up! Thanks IW, these pads own! Now I just have to track down matching blocker/catchers; which seems to be a difficult task.
From: Dan

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