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The Tour Code MX roller hockey skate offers Tour's championship proven Code 1 boot technology at a great price! The Tour Code MX offers high end comfort with the same quilted padded liner used in the higher Code Carbon Pro skate. The Pro Teck™ support package on the Code MX hockey skate is more ideally built to support entry to intermediate level of play. With this combination, the Code MX will conform and fit your foot right of the box. The Code MX hockey skate comes equipped with Labeda's fast Humer frame that speeds around the rink on big 80mm wheels.

  • Model Year: 2011
  • Model Number: 62TA
  • Heritage: Tour Code MX continuation
  • Level of Player: Ideal for the beginner to intermediate level of player
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Tour boot are med-high volume, wide heel pocket, medium-wide across top of foot and forefoot and toe box. Traditional stance.
  • Sizing Guidelines: Tour skates generally fit a 1 size down from your regular shoe size


  • Quarter Panels:
    • Code 1 technology equals weight reduction without sacrificing the structure of the boot
    • Pro Teck™ quarter panels - Results in weight reduction and added strength
  • Ankle Foams:
    • Memory Foam comfort fit
  • Liner:
    • Quilted Dri-Vecc™ Memory Soft liner - Wicks moisture and maximizes comfort
  • Heel Support:
    • Reinforced tendon guard
    • Ankle/heel stabilizer support system
  • Tongue Construction:
    • Felt tongue
  • Outsole:
    • PVC outsole
    • Double layered toe side patches
    • Direct Power System (DPS™)- This is a cavity in the front portion of the outsole allowing larger 80mm wheels to be recessed into the skate. Therefore, the skate can use all 80mm sized wheels to increase the player’s speed and maximum grip, while still maintaining a low center of gravity.
      Low center of gravity = more control more speed!
  • Frame:
    • Labeda's Hum'er Shadow frame:
      • 6000 Aluminum frame
      • Stamped construction
      • Two piece axle design
      • The Humer frames are the only frames on the market that can take all 80mm wheels
  • Wheels: Labeda Xtreme Wheels:
    • 608 hub design
    • Soft (76A) compound for maximum grip for indoor play
  • Wheel sizes:
    Skate size - Wheel size
    Skate size 5-6 - 76mm
    Skate size 7-12 - 80mm
  • Bearings: Bevo ABEC 9 608 bearings
  • Weight of 9D skate:
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Comments: I am a beginner and these skates are great for price. Comfortable from start. I used indoor and outdoor and they are holding up well. I would recommend new wheels. Ones with skates not too good. I will be upgrading to better skate soon and Tour customer for life!!!
From: Mark, New Jersey

Comments: I have had these skates for a year and a half now and they are starting to crack on the bottom. The inside is being worn out and falling apart more and more after every use. The bearings broke quickly and had to be replaced. I DO NOT PLAY HOCKEY ON THEM. I work at a skating rink and use them for recreational skating as well. They were great until about 2 months ago when they started slowly falling apart. But since i use them nearly five days a week, it's understandable. Great skate that will last a while with moderate usage, but what do you expect for $100.
From: Brandon,

Comments: The Tour Code MX were easy to break in. They broke in very quick and the wheels lasted for a couple months but I ended up replacing the bearings and the wheels for better ones. If you use them outside, then the boot will look crappy pretty fast. Buy some bones bearings and hyper wheels and they're okay skates. I wish I would've gone with more expensive ones. Still a good skate for the price.
From: Kiernan

Comments: This skates are a fantastic deal my son in love with them and my wallet is very happy i would tell all my friends about this place,thank you very much
From: ??

Comments: Comfortable skate, but not durable. The Shadow Labeda Shadow
chasis starting
bending at about 6 months. The inner chasis supports broke and the pins
holding the boot at
the front came out. Loved the skates while they lasted, but they hardly
lasted. Go with a
stronger chasis.
From: Steve, Loveland, CO, USA

Comments: Good skates to begin with but not realy a hockey player but iv had these skates over 4 years now only thing i do with them is race at (skate odessey in hornlake) great skates though all my friends have some and bought them for me to try i ended up wearing them for so many times i forgot how to jam skate because the skates are so comfortable i forgot i even had skates that's how good except for the silver part on the side though see all of my friends are serious racers and sometimes when we come in to turn. We hit each others skate and they get scratched up on the side but on the other hand these skates are great for bginners though and you guys have great prices B^)
From: Yoshi

Comments: I am an older skater just getting into in-line hockey and these were my first serious skates. Afer the inital break in period, these skates were great. They fit wonderfully and were very responsive. I found the original wheels a little soft for my taste but that is just a preference. My one complaint is that after not quite two years, the outsole on both skates has cracked. I know that they are not the top of the line skates but I would have liked to get a bit more use out of them.
From: Eric, FL

Comments: Overall: These are wonderful skates! i recommend for beginners and intermediate players PROS: -durability: chassis, laces, toe (extremely hard) -no more blisters/foot cramp after only a month or two of moderate use - definitely gives you the speed you need for roller hockey -my teammates tell me "dude you're gonna love those skates" and after two yrs of use they do not disappoint CONS: -white wheels are just awful for sport court and asphalt as they get dirty as hell... the wheels are pretty bad all around get new ones quick -slightly bulky and heavy for my taste NOT A HUGE PROBLEM! -inner padding disappeared (but after 2 yrs what do you expect?) however they are still surprisingly comfortable -the shiny stuff on the sides looks a lil goofy to me but if you like it go for it :) GREAT BUY FOR THE MONEY!

Comments: Decent overall skate for the price, good for beginners, and slightly past beginner. More advanced players will find support lacking, not to mention the boot will break down fairly quickly on you. Decent cheapo wheels, they won't last long, but aren't bad for this price range. For what its worth I'm very hard on skates, I actually ended up breaking the frames on these doing jumps, etc.
From: Kevin

Comments:[I am an avid middle school roller hockey player who plays on sport court in 70-80 degree summers and 30-40 degree winters (Georgia weather) and here's my take on the TOUR CODE MX inline hockey skates...] great intermediate skate, lasted me about a year (3 seasons + summer recreational use) very quick break-in period with no comfort problems afterward; my very first skates ever (bauers) gave me blisters after half an hour of skating, but these dont give me blisters ever pros: very durable, comfy w/easy break in, looks cool, moderate wheels cons: shiny parts on sides get scratched a lot(doesn't look so cool anymore but I'm just picky), a bit bulky/heavy for my taste but again not a huge problem all around, a very durable and responsive beginner/intermediate skate with no real problems! I recommend to novice or intermediate players HOCKEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on to all of you hockey players and fans Thank you Inline Warehouse for making it easier to play the greatest sport ever and your prices are beast :) :) :)

Comments:They are comfortable and allow you to go fast. The wheels they come with stink...they slide way to much (replaced them with Rink Rat HotShots, work great) Overall definitily a great skate for what there worth.
From: Ragman USA

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Tour Roller Hockey Skates Senior

  • The Tour Code 1 Roller Hockey Skates are the premier model in this next-gen Code skate line that was built specifically for elite roller hockey players. It debuts exciting features such as an adjustable tongue that has felt running to the end of the toe box, a new flexible tendon guard and even better durability than ever before with Vibram wear pads. 

  • The Tour Code 2 Skate is a high-performance indoor skate that won't break the bank. Also found on the flagship Code 1, this Code 2 features the same high-end A.R.C. adjustable tongue and the Knetik flexible tendon guard. Meanwhile, the Labeda Millenium 76A indoor wheels and the Bevo Gold 9 bearings give players premium speed and grip, ideal for higher-level indoor play.

  • The Tour Code 3 Roller Hockey Skates offer a ton of value for the price. Th new Vorrac boot is built to provide solid support and stability, which can also be heatmolded for a truly personalized fit. New to Tour and the entire hockey industry are the Vibram wear patches found on both sides of the quarter package. This italian company is very well known in the shoe industry because of just how durable their soles are, which made a perfect partnership for Tour to better protect their skates from wear and tear. 

  •  The Tour Fish Bone 9 Pro Roller Hockey Skates are Tour's flagship model, showcasing their best materials and features. The most noticeable and the most notable update in design is the bright blue Quanza Tough Light quarter package. This durable, supportive material not only offers elite-level responsiveness but it has a great out-of-the-box fit too. The tongue has also been updated to a pro-inspired, Aero-Ridge II which is designed to provide top notch protection for the top of the foot while also helping to prevent lace-bite. 

  • The Tour Fish BoneLite 725 Limited Edition Roller Hockey Skates are a totally updated version of the original 725 skate. This Tour 725 LE Skate features a brand new Hum'er Pro Rival frame, which utilizes magnesium and aluminum for a lightweight and durable chassis. This holds a straight set up of Labeda Millenium wheels and their Bevo Gold-9 Race Bearings; giving players speed, power and grip. 

  • The Tour Fish BoneLite 325 Roller Hockey Skates are a solid choice for the occasional pick up player or the parent who likes to play puck with their child after work. Tour's new Tuff-Skin quarter package is not only quite comfortable, but the exterior is designed to withstand a beating from rough outdoor surfaces. The aluminum Tri-Coil Chassis holds the new Rival outdoor wheels that be used on asphalt or concrete. For a pro-inspired look and feel, the 325 utilizes a thick white felt tongue and a soft, moisture-wicking nylon liner. 

    Sizes Available: 12.0
  • The Tour Fish BoneLite 225 Roller Hockey Skates are the entry-level model in the Tour Fish BoneLite Line, perfect for the casual or new-to-hockey player. Tour gave their 225 skate a pro-inspired white felt tongue that has substantial thickness backed with injected foams, making it real hard to beat at this price. The nylon quarter package works with the the injected outsole, giving players a forgiving yet sturdy feel on the rink.

    Sizes Available: 12.0
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