SuperFeet Synergizer Insoles Hockey Yellow
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SuperFeet Synergizer Insoles Hockey Yellow

The Superfeet Yellow features a wider forefoot to accomodate newer skate designs, offering better underfoot coverage. They also have a Diamond Venting System for better air circulation.

Comfort Guarantee: 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back! See box for details. Excludes shipping cost.

Formerly Grey, this Premium Insole is now YELLOW…  The changes aren't just cosmetic.

  • Improved Design to fit heel-to-toe profile of hockey skates
  • Wider forefoot to accomodate newer skate designs
  • New Diamond Venting System aligns with perforated outsole for increased circulation

Footbeds are like mattresses. A good mattress is made of firm, supportive materials. A bad mattress is soft and unsupportive. Same thing with footbeds. When you stand on a Superfeet™ footbed, you can feel the firmly supportive shape and materials. It's not soft and cushy like the other brands or like the footbeds that come with most skates... because although soft, cushy non-supportive footbeds feel good when you first put them in your skates, in the long run they simply lead to more aches and pains.

With Superfeet™ footbeds in your skates, your feet are being consistently balanced and supported, improving the fit of your skates. Instead of your feet collapsing inward and stressing the surrounding muscles, joints and ligaments leading to a pain and poor skating techniques. The more precise fit you have, the more precision of a skater you will be. Your skates will be more responsive.

A few details that make Superfeet™ special:

  • Rear-Foot Control Point
    Only Superfeet™ provides this feature to control over-pronation, thus helping keep your foot correctly aligned in the skate. Result: skate fits better and less stress on muscles and joints.
  • Mid-Foot Control Point
    Another Superfeet™ original. This area stabilizes the mid-foot. Combined with Rear-Foot Control Point, this enables you to use your skeletal strength to your advantage. Result: a very stable foot, creating less muscle fatigue and more endurance. 
  • Patented Support Bridge
    This feature activates all the control points for better balance and alignment during the stride. An essential feature exclusive to Superfeet.™.
  • Long-Wearing TrocellenTM Foam
    We use only high-quality, durable closed-cell foam. Result: long-lasting comfort.
  • Natural Shock Absorption System
    Only Superfeet™ uses this three-part system to naturally soften heel shock. This includes:
    • (a) deep heel pocket to center fat pad
    • (b) slight rocker bottom to allow for some foot roll
    • (c) soft flange to allow for some soft tissue expansion.
  • Holofiber™ Top Cover Significantly reduces friction and heat inside the skate. Result: less moisture, blistering and bacteria.
  • Patented Shape
    Contours to your natural foot shape, which helps provide maximum contact with the ground. Result: a confident feeling of balance and control.

Select size according to your U.S "shoe" size and then trim the length for the perfect fit. Go up one size for wider feet.

With Superfeet™ in your skates, your skates will fit better,allowing you to skate your best. It's that simple.

Comfort Guarantee: 60-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back! See box for details. Excludes shipping cost.

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Comments: These weren't for me..... Superfeet are designed for a higher than average arch and they take up a lot of volume in the skate. I had a LOT of cramping and discomfort from using these, so much I went back to the stock insoles that came with the CCM Tacks.

I'm sure these are fine for some people, but they aren't for everyone.
From: AB, Toronto, Canada

Comments: Buy These!! been buying this insole for almost a decade now, these guys know what there doing. It completely upgrades comfort, stability, control.
From: Brooklyn, NY

Comments: i just recently got back into roller hockey and my skates where giving me issues with cramping on the bottom of my foot and total foot numbness after about 15 mins of skating. i figured out that i wasnt getting good enough arch support from the stock insoles. someone recommended that i give the superfeet a try and holy crap did they make a difference. after skating with them in i had zero pain or numbness and i was able to play about 3 games in a row without taking off my skates. if you have high arches and you dont want to spend $50+ on the CCM insoles i cant recommend these enough. a must buy
From: Joshua, Perris, CA

Comments: These things are great. I read the reviews and people seemed to like the product. With that being said, all of the reviews besides this one are understatements. I slapped these puppies in my t6's and it instantly felt right. I have caveman feet so the arch support was needed; especially since the stock "footbed" is awfully flat. If I had to do it all again, I would buy these before I bought anything else (besides skates, obviously). You get out on the rink and you instantly feel a perfect balance that wasn't there before. It kind of makes it feel like you are glued to the ground. Great stuff!
From: Tom, FL

Comments:  I love these things, I have 3 pair of them. I don't know why I waited as long as I did to get the first pair. The remove pressure points and seem to make skating even more ergonomic. Get a pair.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: I skated for over a year without these in my skates & now that I have them I wonder why it took me so long to give them a try. I feel more balanced while skating & I'm fairly certain they keep me more stable & upright. I pronate when I walk/run & I have custom orthotics for my running shoes, but I can't afford those for my skates - these are the next best thing as far as I am concerned. I know they won't work for everyone in every skate, but they definitely work for me & are worth looking into for sure.
From: Will, Texas

Comments: I had some foot pressure points with my Bauer Supreme insoles. I took out the Supreme insole, placed it on top of the Super Feet insole and cut off the extra material. Placed Super Feet in the boot, and of course, a perfect fit! I tried it out during a public session and they felt great. No pressure points and no slippage! Overall, a great product that I highly recommend.
From: Matt, SJ, CA

Comments: These are a must have! have these in my last 2 pairs of skates! only thing i need is a pair of NXG's to put these in now!
From: Simon, Canada

Comments: I never really looked into buying insoles for my skates but after a long talk i had with one of the skate guards at my local ice rink he suggested the super-feet because my feet were suffering from a lot of pain. The money i spent on these insoles were MORE than WORTH IT. I cant be any happier with the superfeet. They are just way to comfortable and fit my foot just perfectly. I can finally skate without that flat foot pain & still be able to walk without pain after i take my skates off. I recommend this to anyone with foot pain from their hockey skates :)
From: Angel, FL

Comments: I have purchased two pairs of skates in the past 2 years and both times have always purchased a pair of Superfeet Yellows PRIOR to buying my skates so I have them ready to go when I get my skates baked. A MUST for me.
From: Wayne, CA

Comments: I started using these about a year ago and now swear by them. They were such an immediate improvement I use them in all of my skates. Make sure you get a set that fits properly and you'll be amazed at the difference.
From: Chris, NY

Comments: Makes skating so much more comfortable. Makes turning effortless and makes any skates more responsive. Had them in some Bauer and Easton skates and have held up very nicely. A must have!!
From: Chris, WA

Comments: I have used this insole for most every pair of skates I've had. It does take a little volume away and raise your heel by about 2 mm but it makes the skate feel very stable compared to the stock insole. I don't have a high arch btw. I've used Shock Doctor insolves and the Graf Sidas non custom and find the Yellow Super Feet better. Graf Sidas are better if you want more arch support.
From: Roy

Comments: I have flat feet and these footbeds have helped to make my skates much more comfortable and my skating and turning a lot more secure and solid. I've used them in CCM skates and Reebok skates and they fit just fine when cut to the original footbeds. They help to lock your foot in the skate and give you more stability and edge control. They took a little getting used to at first but haven't hurt my feet at all. They have held up well to a year of weekly use and don't show any signs of weakening. Definitely a great addition for flat feet or for someone just looking for a better fit of their foot to their skate.
From: Steve

Comments: I have these for my midgrade Bauer skates. Been wearing them for 2 years. The heal lift puts you slightly more on your toes which is nice for forwards. Nice comfort fit over all.
From: Eric

Comments: A must have for every pair of skates, imo. Adds to the comfort and responsiveness of any skate.
From: MW

Comments: i have a set of these for both my inline and ice skates. as far as my inline skates go, i have not really noticed a huge difference. they are a little nicer, but for the price i might have been ok without them. as for my ice skates, holy cow. they are amazing. the tight turns feel so much better. its like i have a new pair of skates. just feels alot firmer and like i can turn harder because i dont feel like my skates are giving out too much.
From: ??

Comments:These things are amazing I would recommend them to everyone. the deal that you offer on these is unbelievable and I have not seen it anywhere else.
From: Andrew

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Youth Sizes 13.0 - 2.0 12/03
Men's 2.5-4 Women's 4.5-6.0 1
Men's 5.5-7 Women's 6.5-8 2+
Men's 7.5-9 Women's 8.5-10 2+
Men's 9.5-11 Women's 10.5-12 2+
Men's11.5-13 Women's 12.5+ 2+
Men's 13.5 - 15.0 2+
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Superfeet Hockey Skate Footbeds

  • The Superfeet Yellow features a wider forefoot to accomodate newer skate designs, offering better underfoot coverage. They also have a Diamond Venting System for better air circulation. A low profile, low volume footbed with an elevated heel and biomechanical shape help stabilize your foot and improve energy transfer between you and your skates.


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