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The Sher-Wood 9950 Goal sticks offer a traditional wood feel with new updated paint and graphics. 

The 9950 goal stick from Sher-Wood is going to incorporate all of the features of the 5030 goal stick with a few additions to increase the durability and stiffness. In the shaft of this stick Sher-Wood uses a double birch lamination, seen in the 5030, providing a more responsive feel with the stick. The paddle is injected polyurethane foam covered with fiberglass and carbon fiber. This layering process gives the Sherwood 9950 goalie stick increased durability and stiffness providing a great feel.

The 9950 goalie stick uses an extremely lightweight design that is comparable in weight to other brands composite goalie sticks.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: SW001009
  • Heritage: 
  • Level of Player: (Senior)
    • Roller: Up to Professional
    • Ice: Up to Professional
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Regular = Stick used in the Right hand
    • Full Right = Stick used in the Left hand
  • Construction:
    • Aspen core covered with a double birch lamination and reinforced with vertical fiberglass and carbon fiber
  • Shaft:
    • Straight walls with rounded corners
  • Paddle:
    • Injected polyurethane foam covered with fiberglass and carbon fiber
    • Ultimate shock absorption and stiffness
  • Blade:
    • Injected polyurethane foam
    • Great shock absorption and superior feeling of the puck
    • Rounded heel for shooting and puck handling
  • Grip:
    • Traditional painted wood feel
  • Weight: 
    • 885 Grams (Based on 26" paddle)
  • Curve / Type / Face / Color:
    • PP30 Brodeur / Left 25" / Left and Right 26" / Left 27" / Heel Curve / Slightly Open / Black/White/Silver
    • PP33 Leclaire / Left 25" / Left and Right 26" / Left 27"
    • PP41 / Left 25" / Left and Right 26" / Left and Right 27"
    • PP41 LE Left 26" only
  • Paddle Sizing Guidelines:
    • Sher-Wood Measurement = Universal Measurement
    • 25" = 26.25"
    • 26" = 27.25"
    • 27.5" = 28.75"
    • Universal Measurement is taken from the top of the handle to the first point of contact with the playing surface (heel).
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Comments: The 9950 is the gold standard for durability in goalie sticks. After experimenting with a few composites and cheaper wooden sticks, I finally ponied up and purchased a pair of 9950s. They've taken shots to the shaft on multiple occasions - some hard ones that snapped previous sticks and are holding up strong. The tips and elbows are holding strong as well. I'm looking forward to trying out the new Sherwood SL700 for comparison, but the 9950 is my new fallback.
From: Gerry

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