IW Hockey carries various leading name brand roller hockey goalie skates including Mission and Tour. Roller hockey goalie skates provide crucial performance enhancing technologies including the low cut boot design, reinforced cowling for additional protection and large chassis for improved balance. IW Hockey stocks various sizes and levels of goalie roller skates ranging from the recreational level up to the professional levels.

Tour Roller Hockey Goalie Skates Senior

Tour Hockey provides professional level roller hockey goalie skates at an excellent price. The Fish BoneLite LG72 series has sizes ranging from Senior to Junior, so you can find the perfect size to fit your foot.
  • The Tour Fish BoneLite LG72 Roller Hockey Goalie Skates offer some great new features that help produce a professional quality goal skate at an extremely affordable price. The new comfort foam in the ankle and Vorrac stabilizer in the quarter package give the boot increased rigidity while still keeping it comfortable.

Mission Roller Hockey Goalie Skates Senior

MIssion Hockey has also taken their Inhaler series over to their Goalie Skates so goalies can still feel that great flow throughout their feet. The series is broken down into the DSG1, DSG5, FL1, and FL5, so you can get the skates that perfectly fit your style and budget.
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