Seba Wheels

    • Sizes: 100mm, 110mm or 125mm
    • Type: Speed (Road) / Cross-Training
    • Hardnesses: 85A

    The Seba SP Inline Speed Skate Wheels are fast with a super smooth roll. The 85A hardness speed formula is upgraded from the CC Speed Wheels with an improved balance of durability and grip; providing great roll on all surfaces types.

    Colors: 3
    • Sizes: 90mm, 100mm or 110mm
    • Type: Urban / Cross-Training
    • Hardness: 84A

    The Seba CC Inline Speed Skate Wheels work great for road skating. The 84A hardness blends fast, smooth rolling with high durability.

    • Sizes: 72mm, 76mm, 80mm or 84mm
    • Type: Urban / Freestyle
    • Hardness: 84A

    The Seba Street Invader Inline Skate Wheels come in a variety of colors to spice up your skates. Designed for slalom and freeskating, the Seba Street Invaders have a wider profile then previous Seba wheels. The bigger footprint adds grip, control and stability. Urban skaters and even hockey players have grown to love the Invader.

    Colors: 10
    • Sizes: 76mm or 80mm
    • Type: Slalom-Freestyle / Urban
    • Hardnesses: 85A


    The Seba Luminous LED Inline Skate Wheels help express the best part about inline skating, the FUN! Add some color to your ride and some "wow!" to your day with these light up LED wheels. Great for any time, day or night.

    Colors: 5
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