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This version of the Seba FR1 80 Urban Inline Skates has been changed slightly to produce an all black colorway of Seba's most popular skate model. The FR series is the main stay of the Seba's lineup and a popular choice for freestyle, dance or slalom skaters with it's improved shell design that has a wider opening to allow a large range of motion without sacrificing support. The FR1 is highly responsive and works well with skating cones, through traffic or maneuvering the streets. Aluminum frame, High quality Seba Invader wheels, and rigid plastic boots with replaceable abrasive pads are all combined into a durable skate that will perform as you need it to.

  • Type: Urban / Freestyle
  • Skill Level: Intermediate and Better
  • Fit Guidelines: Some break-in required. Should feel very snug out of box, and then form fit after break-in. 
  • Sizing Guidelines: Click 'Sizing Icon' below and reference SEBA CHART A for your Seba EU Size. 
  • Model Year: 2015
  • Model Number: SSKFR180BK2015
  • Upper / Shell:
    • Rigid Molded Plastic Boots
    • Aluminum Base Plates
      • Increased sturdiness at frame contact points improves power transfer and control
    • Adjustable Cuff Bolts (4 Positions)
      • Adjust Your Stance in Boots to Preference
    • Integrated Frame Mounting Plates
      • 7 Holes Front & Back
    • Replaceable Abrasive Pads
    • Wide Toebox & Thick Liners for Comfort
    • Soft Heel Pads for Shock Absorption
    • Drylex Memory Foam Liner
      • With Coolmax moisture reduction material
    • Seba ORTHOMOVE Insole
    • 165mm Mount Spacing
  • Frames:
    • Seba 243 Length Frames
    • 80mm Max Wheel Size
  • Wheels, Bearings and Axles:
    • Seba Street Invader 80mm 84A Wheels
    • Seba MW9 TwinCam Freeride Bearings
    • 8mm Speed Axles
  • Brake:
    • No Brake Included - Sold Separate
  • Weight: Based on EU 44 / US 11, Single Skate
    • 3 lbs, 16 oz
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Comments:  I have the previous year's model of these, I believe. In over 20 years of skating and countless pairs of just about every brand owned, these are the best skates I've ever had. They are incredibly solid and durable. After three years of regular use they show no signs of breaking down or needing replacement. Usually skates only last me about two years max. I'm looking forward to buying a new set of Seba's in a different wheel size configuration, but I'm guessing these FR1's will remain in use for years to come. I can't imagine going with any brand besides Seba after this experience.
From: Jeff, Santa Monica, CA, USA

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Seba Freeride Inline Skates

    • Wheels: 4x80mm
    • Type: Urban
    • Level: Intermediate and Better

    A great mid level skate for those looking to start out in more advanced skating activities like freestyle, dance or slalom skating; improved FR liners provide a better fit, allowing for more precise control and response and 7 hole mounting points support a wide range of skate frames, including Seba's new 3-wheel frames, the 310 and 325 frames.

    Sizes Available: EU38, EU39, EU40, EU41, EU42, EU43, EU44, EU45, EU46
    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Urban 
    • Level: Intermediate and Better


    Offers the feel, fit, and performance of a freestyle skate, outfitted with 84mm wheels to allow faster speed for urban or fitness skating; improved FR liners provide a better fit, allowing for more precise control and response and 7 hole mounting points support a wide range of frame mounting options and lateral adjustment.

    Sizes Available: EU42
    • Wheels: 3x110mm
    • Type: Urban
    • Level: Intermediate and Better


    Seba enhances the popular Freeride with outfitted 3x110mm frames and wheels; provides all the same benefits of big wheel skating, perfect for those looking to grow their skill while experiencing the future of big wheel skating! Includes new Seba Speed wheels and improved FR Liners.


    Sizes Available: EU43, EU44
    • Wheels: 3x125mm
    • Type: Urban
    • Level: Intermediate and Better


    All the benefits of large wheel skating without the downside. The Seba FR1 325 features three 125mm wheels which increase speed without limiting maneuverability. The FR1 boot compliments the frames well to provide stability and a low center of gravity. 

    Sizes Available: EU41
    • Wheels: 4x80mm
    • Type: Urban
    • Level: Intermediate and Better


    Featuring the new upgraded FR Liner that has a better fit and the new X2R frames, providing better control and response for all types of inline skating; the FR3 skates are perfect for skaters that want a low cost but capable boot that and grow as their skill grows.

    • Wheels: 4x80mm
    • Type: Urban
    • Level: Intermediate and Better


    Designed for urban or freestyle skating, the FRX skates can be a good choice for skaters that have had experience and are looking for a low priced yet high performance skate.

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