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Rollerblade Tempest 100 Inlines Skates for women. The Tempest Series of skates have a more narrow feel than others in the RB lineup. This serves to give more performance from the skate in the form of response and power transfer. New for 2012 is a darker color scheme. Same is the performance cut cuff height and 3x100 1x90 wheel setup. The lower cut setup facilitates strength and conditioning for the serious inline fitness trainer. 

The Lo Balance wheel configuration reduces the deck height (skate bottom to ground) to give better control and stability with use of larger wheels (3x100,1x90).

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: 07201300748
  • Type: High Performance Training Skates
  • Level: Advanced Skaters looking to bridge gap between training skates and racing skates/boots.
  • Fit Guidelines: Feel narrow. This is tigher fit enhances response and power transfer.
  • Sizing Guidelines: Rollerblade skates generally fit true to size. IW recommends ordering your regular shoe size.
  • Upper / Shell:
    • Fiber Tech Shell for Strength at Reduced Weight
  • Liners:
    • Precision 5 Star Fit Liners with Memory Foam
    • Lower Performance V-Cut for Range of Motion
    • Memory Foam to Adapt to Foot Shape
  • Closures:
    • Ratchet Cuff Buckles
    • Velcro 45 Degree Powerstrap
    • Asymetrical Lacing
      • Lacing Addresses Pressure Point On Boots When Skating
      • Limits Boot Stretch to Gain Power Transfer
  • Frames and  Axles:
    • Extruded Aluminum Frames
      • 12.0" Length
      • 195mm Mounting
      • Lateral Adjustment Capability
      • 3x100mm / 1x90mm Lo Balance Wheel Setup
        • Lowers Deck Height for More Control
    • One Sided 8mm Racing Axles
  • Wheels and Bearings:
    • Rollerblade High Performance (HP) 84A Wheels
    • Rollerblade SG9 Sealed Bearings
  • Brake:
    • Brake and Axle in Box
  • Weight:
    • Pair of US9.0 Skates Weighs 6.2 lbs without Brake Attached
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Comments: Been using K2 softboots with 80 wheels running Bones reds. These improve stability a lot on road, but obviously are less manouverable. For me, they are a tad less comfortable the softboots, but I can't really put a finger on it - perhaps they need more time to break in. They are otherwise still comfortable enough, and I have no complaints. If you want speed you should really go for 110s. This is more recreational, less manouverability, so perhaps good for speed skating training since you have to work harder to keep up.
From: Cheng from Malaysia

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Rollerblade High Performance Cross-Trainers for Women

    • Wheels: 4x100mm
    • Type: Cross-Training
    • Minimum Skill Level: Advanced

    The Tempest 100C Skates have low profile cuffs for increased range in motion, but still offer support and stability. This is the last step if progressing toward a true speed boot. The carbon fiber base combined with a snug fit, increase energy transmission from the boot to the wheels.

    • Wheels: 4x90mm
    • Type: Cross-Training
    • Minimum Skill Level: Strong Intermediate

    Rollerblade Tempest 90C Skates for women feature the same boot style found on the 100C. However at 90mm, they experience increased control and maneuverability adding to their versatiity. C signifies the carbon fiber base for added response and energy transmission.

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