Rollerblade Inline Skate Replacement Axles 8mm ALPHA
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Rollerblade Inline Skate Replacement Axles 8mm ALPHA

Rollerblade 8mm replacement inline skate axles fit a wide variety of Rollerblade brand inline skates. This is a two-piece axle that will fit many Rollerblade skate models. See below for compatibility list. Other models that have aluminum frames may need the Rollerblade One Sided Race Axles or the Rollerblade Aluminum Frame Axles OMEGA.

  • Works for below Rollerblade skate models:
    • Pro 07, Maxxum 01 (not 2014+ maxxums), Core 07/09, Evo 08/Evo 6.1
    • Aero 07/09/6/8/10, Lightning 03/07, Astro/Wing
    • Crossfire/Activa 1/2/TFS/90/4d/4.0/6.0/8.0/4D Air/4D Air Carbon/90mx
    • Spark Pro/Platinum 8, Problade Jr
  • Item#: 00935400115
  • Includes 8 Regular Axles and 2 Brake Axles (8mm)
  • Compatible with the below Rollerblade Skates:
    • Crossfire & Activa, All models 2012 and older including:
      • Model suffix: 90, 1, 2, TFS, 90, 4D, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 4D Air, 4D Air Carbon, 90MX 
    • RB10 Model - Works but Fits Long
    • XL
    • E9
    • Core Carbon & XTV
    • E7 Ti
    • Pro 07
    • Maxxum
    • Core 07
    • Core 09
    • Evo 08 & Evo 6.1
    • Aero 07 / 09 / 6 / 8 / 10
    • Lightning 03 / 07, 2007 Lightning 2
    • Astro/Wing 5 / 7 / 50 / 8.0 / 10.0
    • Spark Pro
    • Platinum 8
    • Problade Junior Skates
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Comments: I own the Speed Machines 6.0 (2007?). I wanted to get rid of my brake, so I just needed one of the short style axles to replace the long brake axle. This newer batch is about 1mm longer than OEM, which allows secure tightening without putting as much pressure on the bearings. Just for the sake of uniformity and safety, I would recommend replacing all axles with the same type. In my case, I think I may have to order a second kit.
From: John

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Rollerblade Inline Skate Axles

  • The Rollerblade Skate Axles 8mm Recreational 2015 are replacement axles for composite frames of Rollerblade's Recreational skates. Works with the following skate models of current models, two piece axles, sold to support 1 pair of skates.

    • Zetrablade
  • The Rollerblade Triangle Head Skate Axles 8mm for TRS/Blank are the replacement axle for Rollerblade's aggressive skates. Since most TRS skate models use these, and there is only one "style" of these axles produced, it will be easy to identify.

  • Replacement set of Rollerblade 8mm skate axles for skates using one sided axles that thread into the frame. Meaning there is no male piece, just the one. These axles are used on many of the higher end Rollerblades and some of the urban skates. The more current models are listed below with some older models shown if clicking on the 'specs' tab once image enlarged. Axles also may work on with other brands of frames, but use caution to make sure threads match and length is appropriate. 

    • Works for recent skate models:
      • Tempest 100 and 110
      • Fusion 84, X5, X7, GM
      • Twister 80
    • Item#: 09203000001
  • These replacement inline skate axles fit most of the junior adjustable skates from 2006-current, as well as Nylon frame skates through 2003. Comes with 8 regular axles and one brake axles. Skate models include the 2006 Micro/Micro TFS, 2007 Micro 4X/4XG/TFS2 & 2008 Micro 500G/500X/Micro3 TFS, Micro 2 TFS, and Microblade models. Item#09350015


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