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Reebok Roller Hockey Skates Senior

  • The Reebok 9K Pump roller hockey skate is a great advanced skate from Reebok without the higher price point of the 11K. The Reebok 9K features the lightweight Max Armour IV quarter packages and the reinforced ankle support solidifies the skate and controls the flex. It also features Reebok Pump technology for the ultimate in personalized pro performance and comfort. 

    Sizes Available: 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5
  • The Reebok 3K roller hockey skate is a great entry skate in the Reebok 2012 line-up. The Reebok 3K's feature a durable, stiff quarter that provides structure and stability for a powerful stride. Also featured on the Reebok 3K skate is a lightweight, stiff chassis powered by Labeda which offers the fastest skating position because of the 4x80mm wheel configuration. The Reebok/Labeda wheels are perfect for all surfaces.  

    Sizes Available: 12.0
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