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Reebok R-Series Sticks
Low Kick for Quick Shot

  • Reebok R25 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

    The Reebok R25 Grip Hockey Sticks offer valuable durability and performance at a generous price. The fused one-piece shaft showcases Reebok's E2L (Easy 2 Load) taper that is perfect for the sniper who looks to get the puck off in a hurry. The shaft's fusion point delivers excellent accuracy by keeping the blade face square to the target during the shooting process. Internally, the R25's blade uses Q2R (Quick 2 Release) Technology that offers solid shot pop and puck feel. The Senior Stick Length is 60" and is available in an 85 flex with a grip stick finish. 

  • Reebok R23 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

    The Reebok R23 Grip Hockey Sticks feature a composite and fiberglass shaft that provide excellent durability while maintaining a solid level of responsiveness. The R23 blade debuts Reebok's new Q2R "Quick 2 Respond" Technology, which gives players top notch puck feel and pop. The Q2R blade works with the engineered low kick point for a lightning quick shot release. The Senior Stick Length is 57.5" and is available in an 85 flex with a grip stick finish. 

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