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The Reebok 9K Hockey shoulder pads offer excellent protection and mobility. The 9K shoulder pads offer similar features and design as the 11K shoulder pads but with a couple of key differences. The 9K features slightly smaller shoulder caps, uses elastic rather than neoprene to connect the pads, and does not feature the ZigTech liner. 

Reebok has continued to use the JOFA developed JDP® shoulder caps to ensure excellent protection. JDP® are one of the most used shoulder caps in the NHL.  The 9K shoulder pads also feature the same structure as the 11K shoulder pads with the molded 3-piece back panel and 2-panel front, to offer great mobility.

Reebok has used the Kinetic Fit System (KFS) on the design of this pad.  This type of design focuses on making a pad that moves with the body, and follows the body's natural movement.  The 9K shoulder pads use a segmented panel design allowing different segments to move without forcing the rest of the pad to move.  This design style allows for increased range of motion as well as maintaining protection by keeping segments in place during play.  Reebok has used two panels for the chest and three panels in the back.  The collar bone/ shoulder cap base layer is also segmented from the rest of the pad.  This allows the shoulders move while the chest and spine guards stay in place. These panels are attached by elastic and neoprene.  The neoprene is a nice touch making the pad a little more comfortable.  

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: SP9K
  • Heritage: New for 2012
  • Level of PlayIdeal for intermediate to advanced level play
  • Reebok Sizing Guidelines:
    Pad size / Player height 
    Small / 5'4"-5'7" 
    Medium / 5'7"-5'10" 
    Large / 5'10"-6'2" 
    Extra Large / 6'0" + 


  • Protector:
    • Molded HD foam and plastic reinforced sternum
    • Molded 3 piece plastic reinforced spine guard
    • Low-profile Pro JDP® shoulder caps - Effectively disperse energy from impacts
    • Plastic reinforced bicep and shoulder blade
  • Liner:
    • Memory foam shoulder lining strips for increased comfort
    • Molded channels embedded in the liner improve air flow
  • Fit:
    • 2 piece panel design on front - Offers additional mobility
    • 3 piece panel design on the back - This design allows the pad to better follow the natural body movement without sacrificing protection
    • Adjustable bicep guards
    • KFS hinge collar bone design
    • Full soft comfort neck opening
    • Removable stomach guard
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