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The Reebok 9K KFS hockey gloves feature pro inspired nylon tricot for better breath-ability and lighter weight. The Reebok 9K gloves feature a contoured fit with excellent mobility from the seamless cuff design.  

The 9K gloves features Nash leather palms with digi-tec overlays offering increased protection and stick feel. Reebok has used dual density foams throughout the 9K along with plastic inserts in the cuff and back-rolls to ensure an advanced level of protection.

The 9K glove features the seamless flex cuff.  This feature really sets the Reebok KFS glove line apart from the rest of the gloves on the market.  Reebok has used what they are calling an interior fit glove.  This is the upper cuff portion that is separate from the cuff roll and it seamlessly attaches to the palm.  This design style allows optimal hand movement while the upper cuff stays along the lower forearm to provide exceptional flexibility, while still offering high-end protection you would expect from a glove at this level.  This gives the glove a great feel, almost resembling characteristics of a lacrosse glove.

  • Model Number: HG9K
  • Heritage: Reebok 8K
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level play
  • Fit Guidelines:Contoured Fit - Reduces negative space to ensure the gloves moves with every hand movement
  • Sizing Guidelines: Size varies on personal preference, see sizing chart below


  • Exterior:
    • Lightweight pro selected tricot to eliminate break-in time
  • Protection:
    • KFS (Kinetic fit system) lock thumb - Segmented for better stick control
    • KFS blocking pattern in the back rolls
      • Segmented protection to follow the natural movement of the hand. Designed for a straight low profile fit from fingers to cuff
    • Multiple density foams used throughout the glove to ensure maximum protection
    • Plastic inserts in the cuff, and back rolls for help further increase protection
  • Palm:
    • Reinforced soft feel pro nash palm
    • Digi-tec overlay for increased durability and improved stick feel
  • Liner:
    • Air exchange system allows air to flow into the backhand keep your hands cooler and decreasing drying time
    • Reebok moisture wicking liner
  • Fit:
    • Contoured Fit - Reduces negative space to ensure the gloves moves with every hand movement
    • Seamless  flexible cuff with interior fit glove - No binding for increased comfort, flexibility, and protection 
    • 3-piece index and middle finger of better mobility
  • Sizes:

    • 13", 14", and 15"

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Comments: I got these gloves as a Christmas present and use them regularly about 2-3 times a week. Have hardly worn and have great all around protection of the hand. Reebok made some great gloves! I'd recommend them to anyone looking for some new gloves.
From: Matt, WA

Comments: So far I am extremely happy with the purchase of these hockey gloves. Coming from lower end Bauers to the near-top-of-the-line gloves is always a good step to take. The gloves look nice, feel even better with their anatomical focus all while providing me with a fit that improves my overall feel and play. Friends have tried them on and instantly notice the the snug fit on the knuckles yet with free range of motion on the wrist offers and excellent feel and maneuverability. These aren't super cheap, but are still priced at a point that will not break the bank.
From: Jason, CO

Comments: I play in the premier mens league in boston..These gloves are great..love everything about them..they fit so well and handle the hard sweat of a competive league just fine..Cant comment on the life of the glove since ive only had them for a few weeks but I love them!!
From: Clark

Comments: These gloves rock! They feel like they are pretty much broken in even though they are brand new. Great protection with the plastic inserts but also lightweight and very mobile feel. Love the flex cuff and triple segmented index/middle finger for improved movement. 5/5
From: Jason, CA

Hockey Glove Finder

To find your glove size, measure (in inches) from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm, double this number or multiply by 2 and that will give you the correct size. Below is a general sizing guideline for additional information.
Glove SizeAgePlayer WeightPlayer Height
8" 4 - 7 40 - 60 lbs. 3'3" - 4'1"
9" 6 - 9 50 - 70 lbs. 3'9" - 4'7"
10" 8 - 11 60 - 90 lbs. 4'3" - 4'8"
11" 9 - 12 70 - 100 lbs. 4'5" - 5'
12" 11 - 14 80 - 110 lbs. 4'11" - 5'4"
13" 14+ 120 - 160 lbs. 5'5" - 5'9"
14" 14+ 140 - 180 lbs. 5'7" - 5'11"
15" 15+ 160 - 200 lbs. 5'9" - 6'1"
Glove Fit Type
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Choose the desired dominant glove color that you wish. Variations with the chosen dominant color will be included. (i.e. choosing Black will include Black combinations such as Black/White, White/Black or Black/Silver)
Outer Material:
Outer Material
Choose the desired dominant outer glove material. Nylon is a traditional material that provides good durability and breathability. Synthetic leather has a glossy look that is also water repellent, durable and lightweight.
Price Range:
Price Range
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Reebok Hockey Gloves Senior

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    Colors: 4
  • The Reebok 28K KFS Hockey Gloves offer a high level of performance without the big price tag. These gloves feature molded EVA and high-density foams for good protection. The pro-selected polyester exterior with additional abrasion zones keep the glove lightweight and durable.

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  • The Reebok 24K KFS Hockey Gloves are the entry level model in the Reebok lineup. The 24K KFS is constructed from polyester and lined with single density foams for a lightweight feel and is contoured fitting for quick responsiveness.


    Colors: 1
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