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The Reebok 9k hockey elbow pads  take a little bit different direction than the 11k. The 9k elbow pad is a lighter design and focuses more on mobility. The foam is not as dense as the 11k, and the KFS bicep system is designed to protect with maximum mobility. The 9k still has very good protection, but not as beefy as the 11k.  On the 9k elbow pad you can still find pro features like the JDP Bumper cap, and arm Locksleeve.

The 9k uses a 2-piece design system. One piece for the forearm/elbow and the other piece to protect the bicep.  This pad features a plastic base with foams on both sides for maximum protection and comfort. Reebok is calling the elbow cap the JDP® with bumper.  The bumper is an EVA foam on the outside to offer additional protection to you and other players on the rink.  This pad features plastic reinforcements in the forearm guard and bicep guard to offer pro level of protection.  

The 9K features a 3-piece strap system.  At the top there is a bicep strap that is about 1.5" securing the bicep guard to the arm.  The core strap is the Arm Sleeve.  This strap is a "V" shape that wraps the arm under the forearm guard locking the pad in place.  The Arm Sleeve has a soft felt like exterior offering superior comfort.  The last strap Reebok calls the lock strap that wraps over the forearm guard ensuring no pad movement during play.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: EP9K
  • Heritage: Reebok 8K
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level of play
  • Reebok sizing guidelines:
    Pad size / Player height 
    Small / 5'4"-5'7" 
    Medium / 5'7"-5'10" 
    Large / 5'10"-6'2" 
    Extra Large / 6'0" +  




  • Protection:
    • JDP® elbow cap with bumper 
      • Disperses the force of impact away from the elbow joint
      • The Bumper was designed to comply with the NHL rule of no hard shell elbow pads.  This design offers additional protection to the players and others that may be on the receiving end of a hit.
    • Plastic reinforced forearm slash guard
    • Plastic reinforced bicep guard with HD foam
    • KFS Construction-Bicep protection designed for protection with mobility
  • Liner:
    • Nylon liner
  • Fit:
    • 3 piece strap system
      • Arm sleeve strap - Soft neoprene "V" shape strap that fits under the forearm guard
      • Lock strap - 1.5" nylon strap that wraps over the forearm guard locking the pad down
      • Bicep strap -elastic strap that comfortably secures the bicep guard.
    • Molded comfort base that provides comfort and stability to the elbow
    • Kinetic fit system (KFS) 
      • Segmented protection that moves "intelligently" with the player 
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Comments: These are similar to what you will see most of the pros still using. They are the tried and true JOFA molds. They are bigger than you might be expecting, so beware. The straps lock your elbow in nice and tight, and you wont ever have them shift or rotate on you during play. No removable lining to clean, but then again these things dont absorb much sweat to have to worry about in the first place.
From: Kyle, Seattle, WA

Comments: I have been using these for a few months now, and they have been working great. They stay nice and tight throughout games and are comfortable. The deep elbow pocket is nice and comfortable, and the neoprene sling that goes across your forearm does a great job of locking it in place but giving you great comfort and mobility.
From: Thom, Boise, ID

Comments: Very solid and well built elbow pad with tons of protection. I ordered a pair of mediums (I'm 5'9" 160 lbs.) and they were slightly too big so I would suggest measuring your arms to make sure (as described on this site). Only complaint is there's no moisture wicking fabric liner and the lock strap material can be a little uncomfortable. 4/5 stars
From: Jason, CA

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