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The Reebok 6K hockey blades are the top of the line replacement blades from Reebok that fit traditional hockey shafts. Reebok has used a Dual Matrix construction to offer a snappier quick shot release than ever before.

    • Construction:
      • Dual Matrix Technology offers a spring loading effect at the kick point for a quick and deadly release
        • Two different graphite weaves are used on the forehand and backhand to increase the power and snap during shot release
      • Lightweight graphite 
      • Guided Blade Technology™ features dimples on the blade that helps guide the puck trajectory and increase blade stiffness
    • Hosel:
      • Lightweight graphite 
    • Core:
      • Foam core for increased vibration dampening
    • Fits: Traditional hockey shafts
    • Weight: 164 grams (weight varies slightly depending on curve)
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    Reebok Traditional Hockey Blades Senior

    • The Reebok 16k Hockey Blade offers great performance at a great price! This replacement blade from Reebok has a Dual Matrix construction that quickens shot release while the AccuBlade technology makes the blade progressively stiffer from heel to toe making this blade as accurate as possible.


      Curves: 3
    • The Reebok 10K ABS Blade is perfect for outdoor hockey. The ABS core will last on outside surfaces unlike a traditional wood blade. The fiberglass reinforcement insures durability while helping to increase stiffness for accurate shots. This blade design dates back to the popular Koho Ultimate 2100 with modern improvements in materials and construction.

      Curves: 1
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