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The Reebok 6K hockey blades are the top of the line replacement blades from Reebok that fit traditional hockey shafts. Reebok has used a Dual Matrix construction to offer a snappier quick shot release than ever before.

    • Construction:
      • Dual Matrix Technology offers a spring loading effect at the kick point for a quick and deadly release
        • Two different graphite weaves are used on the forehand and backhand to increase the power and snap during shot release
      • Lightweight graphite 
      • Guided Blade Technology™ features dimples on the blade that helps guide the puck trajectory and increase blade stiffness
    • Hosel:
      • Lightweight graphite 
    • Core:
      • Foam core for increased vibration dampening
    • Fits: Traditional hockey shafts
    • Weight: 164 grams (weight varies slightly depending on curve)
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    Reebok Traditional Hockey Blades Senior

    • The Reebok 16k Hockey Blade offers great performance at a great price! This replacement blade from Reebok has a Dual Matrix construction that quickens shot release while the AccuBlade technology makes the blade progressively stiffer from heel to toe making this blade as accurate as possible.


      Curves: 3
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