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The Reebok 2K Hockey sticks offer a super durable ABS blade making the 2K sticks ideal for rough outdoor surfaces. The Reebok 2K hockey stick have replaced the Koho 2100 Ultimate stick.

  • Construction:
    • Multi-Lam wood construction
  • Geometry:
    • Traditional shaft shape
  • Grip:
    • Long lasting glossy finish
  • Blade:
    • Ultimate Blade ABS core
      • Great for outdoor surfaces
  • Flex: 85
  • Length: 59"
  • Weight: 680 grams 
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Comments: Great stick. I really like the curve (I got the P38). It is durable for outdoor play as well which is what I use it for.
From: Wil

Comments: This stick is great. I play outdoors on a hard concrete rink and find that the ABS blade stands up to the concrete very well. Stick has a nice, sturdy wood feel to it too. It's great for both slap shots, wrist shots, and puck handling. At this price, it's a great buy.
From: Nickolas, Tampa, FL

Comments: I think this stick is amazing, lots of wear and tear but it still fires as good as
ever. Open faced curve allows for a fast shot and release. Great stick I recommend it for
any surface.
From: Jerrin

Comments: Fantastic stick. I get a lot of wear & tear from these sticks. They tend to last a long time, especially for wood sticks. Ice, Sport Court, tennis court, black top -doesn't seem to matter to these sticks. The 85 Flex really helps whip a quick fast wrist shot with minimal effort
From: Chris

Comments: I recently got this stick and I'm very pleased with it. The first thing I wanna mention though is the P87A (Crosby) Curve that the stick came with and the impact it has on shot accuracy and quickness of release. The slightly open face of the P87A curve allows for more effortless shots to the upper portions of the net. I'd never tried a stick with an open faced blade before this one, so it took some getting used to and my first dozen shots or so sailed over the net, but if you like to shelf rebounds or snipe top shelf it's WORTH getting used to. Once you tame this type of curve, it allows you to fire accurate high shots that release quicker than with a closed curve. When you wanna go top shelf in an INSTANT, this is the curve you want because you can shorten your follow through and still send a laser to the top. If you already shoot well to the top shelf, this curve can make your release a bit quicker therefore making your shot more deceptive. But like I said, if you're coming from using a closed curve, expect your first few shots to go over the net. This stick is a bit lighter than the average wooden stick which is a plus. The ABS blade is durable and the shaft flexes really well. Overall I'm very pleased with this stick. It reminds me very much of the Koho 2100 Ultimate, which many claim to be one of the most reliable roller hockey sticks ever. This stick compliments the P87A (Crosby) curve very well, and if you've ever wanted to try a slightly open curve, this stick is an affordable and effective way to satisfy your curiosity and bring your shots to a higher level
From: Mario, USA

Comments: This is a great stick. I personaly like it but the curve is a little crazy
From: Cody, Arroyo Grande

Hockey Stick Finder

If you hold the stick with your left hand at the top of the stick, then you use a (R) handed stick. If you hold the stick with your right hand at the top, then you use a left (L) handed stick. As stick size increases, the length and diameter of the shaft also increase.
Stick SizeAgePlayer HeightPlayer WeightStick Height
Yth:-7-4'-60 lbs.46"-48"
Jr:6-123'9"-4'9"50-120 lbs.50"-54"
Int:11-164'6"-5'3"120-160 lbs.56"-57"
Senior:+14+5'6"+120 lbs.58"-63"
The flex of a hockey stick is how stiff the shaft is. Youth sticks are 30-40 flex, Junior sticks are 45-55 flex, Intermediate sticks are 55-75 flex and Senior sticks are 75 - 110 flex.
If you want to look at all brands and/or want to search by general types of curves , then leave "Any Brand" selected. If you know which brand you wish to look at, select it and the following "Curve" tab will display specific brand curves to choose from.
Each curve brings forth different advantages: Toe curves are less common and are good for stick handling and shooting. Mid curves are the most popular and are recommended for beginners, they are good for puck handling, wrist and snap shots. Mid Heel curves are a combination of a mid and heel curves. Heel curves are good for slap shots, one timers, and back handers. 
Choose between grip and non-grip coatings on the shaft. Grip texture allows for a more solid hold on the shaft while the non-grip coating allows the hands to change position more quickly. 
Flex Profile:
Flex Profile
The low-kick flex profile is for the players looking for a quick shot release, ideal for wrist and snap shots. The mid-kick flex profile is for the player who puts a lot of lean into their wrist/slap shots and are looking for a powerful release on their shots. The variable-kick flex profile offers a constant flex profile allowing custom kick points depending on the placement of the player's lower hand. 
Composite sticks are the most popular because they offer the best overall performance. Wood is the traditional material and offers the best puck feel. ABS is used in the blades to add durability for playing on rougher surfaces like concrete and asphalt.
Price Range
Adjust the slider to set up your exact price range.
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