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The Reebok 20K Pro KFS Hockey Shin Guards are terrific for advanced to pro level players because they are the premier shin guards in Reebok's lineup. Inspired by Pro Equipment Managers, the 20K KFS shin guards feature Reebok's (Kinetic Fit System), which segments the protection in key body areas to combine the best mobility and protection. The JDP knee caps (Joint Discharge Principle), redistribute impact away from the fragile knee joints to the surrounding muscles.

The construction of the shin cap is able to endure high impacts because of the enhanced bridge support; therefore, the strength is reinforced and heighten to provide pro level protection. Also, comprised within the shin guard is the molded high-density foam calf wrap which provides a highly protective anatomical wrap. The thigh has a removable molded high-density shot guard and the knee features a plastic insert for extended protection, which reduces the overall weight and increases mobility.

These shin guards are equipped with a removable full-segmented liner including a lower shelf design for optimal fit over skates, which maximizes customization. Lastly, the removable quick "Y" strap connection locks the straps comfortably allowing ample knee security.

  • Model Number: SG20K
  • Heritage: 11K KFS
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Reebok Sizing Guidelines
    Shin Guard Size / Player Height
    SR 14" / 5'4" - 5'7"
    SR 15" / 5'7" - 5'10" 
    SR 16" / 5'10" - 6'2"
    SR 17'' / 6'0''
  • Protection:
    • Inspired by Pro Equipment Managers for highest level of protection
    • Molded high-density foam in calf portion
    • Removable molded high-density foam shot guard in thigh area
    • Plastic insert in knee region
    • Shin cap is engineered with bridge support for maximum strength
      • Proprietary hockey cell reinforcement
    • Joint Discharge Principle (JDP) knee cap
      • Disperses force of impact away from the fragile knee joint
  • Liner:
    • Removable fully segmentated liner
      • Enhanced lower shelf design for ideal fit over skates
  • Fit:
    • New "Over Skate Zone" fitting
      • Integrated in pad to fit over tongue
    • Engineered to deviate pucks while delivering highest level of protection
    • Removable quick "Y" strapping system and lock strap connection
    • Kinetic Fit System (KFS)
      • Features segmented protection, which combines protection and mobility
  • Weight: 680 grams (Based on a 14'')
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Comments: These are the best shin guards available to the average player out there. Nothing else on the market is as protective and gives you complete coverage. I personally have never owned a pair of high end shin pads from Reebok that have ever failed to provide me with excellent cushioning from any slapshot, even from professional hockey players. No bruises or pain of any kind from the covered areas on my legs. I have played the game for over thirty years and have never worn anything else but Jofa ands Reebok underneath and have never had any issues. That confirms my belief that Jofa/Reebok are the most protective and second to none out there. Wear anything on top but don't settle for anything else but the best underneath.
From: John, Brampton, ON

Comments: 'Best shin guards out there, by far. Reebok is one a few companies that make an anatomically correct shin guard. The lower leg is actually curved and so are these. (Bauer and Warrior don't get this point.) The wrap around calf guard is superior and protects the side and back of the calf whereas others leave this are exposed. The designs allows for good over the skate tongue positioning. Weakness is the wimpy strap system. Even with modification is poorly designed and does not work well. The behind-the-knee strap is too narrow, too short, and poorly located and as a result, it cuts off circulation. Plan on taping these on all the time for correct positioning. Padding is very good. They are bulky which is good for defensemen in blocking shots, and less of an advantage for forwards and maximal maneuverability. I barely feel anything when taking shots to the lower legs. These are better than the Pro Stock Reeboks which I have also.
From: Harold, Las Vegas, NV 

Comments: These are by far the best shin guards I have ever worn.  Over the last few years I had been using Warrior shins (franchise and projekt).  I decided to try the 20Ks because I was tired of getting bruises on my legs from shot blocks and hard slashes (especially the area just above the knee).  The 20K shins are incredibly light and protective, I barely feel anything when they take a shot.  Also, they are huge shin guards you will easily have an extra 1.5"area on either side of the shin (lateral and medial) for extra shot blocking, but they will look huge on your legs.  The 20k also seem to fit the contours of the leg better than the warrior shins do.  The only thing I don't like is the Removable quick "Y" strapping system.  It does not seem to secure the shin guard to my leg very well, so I removed it and just use extra tape to secure. Overall opinion is: if you have the money and play at a high level, the Reebok 20K shin guards are worth the price and are the best shin guard on the market.
From: Matt, IL

Comments: Shin guards are amazing. Super lite and still built like a tank. The strap system is horrible, had to cut the top strap it was way to short and sat to high up my leg, the bottom strap is to big, even after trying to sew the extra material together still to much of it. With that being said I'd buy them again in a heartbeat just be prepared to tape them.
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