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The Reebok 16K Pump Ice Hockey Skates offer a great value with advanced performance.  The 16K skate has some of the same features as the 18K but made with slightly different materials.

Reebok has given the 16k the Max Armour™ V quarter panel with titanium reinforced composite embedded zones that provides optimum light weight structure, stability, durability and abrasion resistants.  

Reebok has redesigned the pump for this years line up.  They have moved The Pump™ slightly back towards the Achilles tendon to get better air flow into the bladder's and keeping it out of harms way.  Reebok also did give it a sleeker look as the actual pump and release does not stick out as much, also giving The Pump™ better protection around it.

The 16K skate features a 7mm felt & EVA foam tongue that provides an excellent fit and great comfort.  The lace bite guard is segmented which will allows great forward flex.  Reebok also gave the 16K skates a dual liner.  The combination of Duratex grip and moisture wicking Duratex enhances durability with increased heel lock.

  • Model Number: SK16KP
  • Heritage: 8K Pump
  • Level of Player: Ideal for advanced to pro level of play
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Reebok boot are med-high volume, med-wide heel pocket, med-wide across top of foot and forefoot and toe box. Traditional stance. 
  • Sizing Guidelines: Reebok skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size




  • Quarter Package:
    • Max Armour V: Lightweight quarter package with straegically reinforced embedded zones provides optimum lightweight structure, offering stability and durability
      • Titanium reinforced composite embedded zones
      • Abrasion zone near forefoot designed for added durability and resistant to cuts and abrasion
      • Flexion zone - Harnesses flexion to enhance energy transfer
      • Spinal zone - Supports Achilles tendon to control flexion & torsion
  • Liner:
    • Duratex liner offers great moisture wicking properties
    • Duratex† Grip backing to enhance heel lock
  • Heel Support:
    • ThePump™ technology - The ultimate in personalized pro performance and comfort
    • The Pump™ skate will provide:
      • A secure comfortable fit
      • Guarantees heel lock and ankle support
      • Enhances forward flex
    • SkateLock™ - Customize your support by tightening the top 3 eyelets independently of the forefoot
  • Ankle Padding:
    • Pro Molded anatomical ankle support
  • Tongue Construction
    • White felt backing and foam front with saddle lace-bite guard
  • Footbed:
    • F.I.T system
  • Outsole
    • Vented lightweight low profile carbon/glass composite outsole increases torsional rigidity and maximizes energy transfer
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Reebok E-Pro holder
    • Proformance lite 10" scalloped runner
  • Weight of a Size 9D skate: 935 grams
  • Made in: Thailand
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Comments: Well its been about 6-8 months of having these skates, I play in an adult hockey league and pick up games about 2-3 times a week. I am only about 170lbs and when I first got these skates they were amazing, great fit, great turning etc. But now the runner's and steel are bent and cracked, the sole of the boot is cracked, and the tendon guard is cracking where it connects to the boot so now its way to flexible. Around the top of the boot just above the ankles the fabric is ripped exposing some sort of hard plastic material which now cuts my ankles regularly. Several eyelets have popped or been bent shut and I have to bend them open so I can tie my skates up. The pump is about the only thing that seems to be holding up as of right now. Oh and I almost forgot the graphic decals that are the reebok logo on the inside and outside of the arch of the skates have started to peel off, doesn't really matter unless you care about looks, but still a bit disconcerting. So all in all if y ou don't mind buying a new pair of skates every year or maybe less than these skates will be amazing for the first few months, but after that expect ankle fatigue and mediocrity out of your "high performance skates." P.S. this is the same Pat that commented previously, funny how things change.
From: Pat, Ohio

Comments: Wow, after trying a couple pairs of Nexus, Supremes, and CCM U+CL skate I finally found a skate wide enough and supremely comfortable like the 16k. Best fit I've ever had out of the box at 7EE and after baking you have a skate that is perfectly formed to your foot. The heel lock was perfect and I had no pain at all on the first skate (no pressure points or soreness). The forefoot and toe area were plenty wide for my duck feet. The liner molds firmly and the pump is really not necessary after a good packing. But can be used for subtle differences in ankle size. Definitely designed for skaters who like a more traditional fit, and they aren't the lightest skates on the market, but it's hardly noticed on the ice. If you have a wider foot and are having some trouble with the other brands, I would highly recommend picking these up.
From: Andrew, Burlington, VT

Comments: These skates are amazing! Maybe it's just because I previously used bauer flexlite 2.0s or the fact that I was skating a size 10 when I should have been a size 8.5, but still my overall skating has improved a ton since I got these skates. They fit perfectly after you get them baked with no break in time. The pump and lace locks are great features too. Buying a pair of these skates is a decision you won't regret.
From: Matt, Indiana

Comments: These skates are amazing, coming from the vapor line to this is like honda civic to a mercedes. So much more comfort no break in time (had skates baked) and the runners are slightly taller then tuuk holders allowing a sharper turning radius for my style of play. Deffinitely worth the money. Unless something drastically changes in hockey skates I will remain an RBK guy forever.
From: Pat, Ohio

Comments:Well I have only skated on them once since purchasing the Reebok 16K skates...but they were fantastic. I had to tighten them after about 4 minutes of skating around but once they were laced up nice and tight, I felt right at home. They were extremely comfortable and had great forward flex that would snap back in place giving your stride some extra power. Can't wait to get on the ice again. Super comfortable skates.
From: Mark, NY

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