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The Reebok 11k Ice hockey pants are the evolution of the 2009 9K ice pant and take it to the next level. The 11K ice pants are made up of two parts the outer shell and inner core. The 11K pants padding is not stitched to the outer shell to increase mobility.

Under the padded belt there is a zipper closure that runs the entire circumference of the pant. By unzipping the pant extends an additional inch.  This is a perfect feature for those teenagers that struggle to get a size that can last a season.  The thigh guards come with an Velcro elastic adjustment to choose if you want a form fitting pant in the thigh or more traditional loose fitting.

Reebok has used a variety of material on the 11K pant including abrasion resistant areas down the outer leg, additional stretch areas for more mobility, and vented portions to increase ventilation.  

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: HP11K
  • Heritage: Reebok 10K
  • Level of Play: Ideal for the advanced to pro level of play
  • Reebok Sizing Guideline:
    Size / Waist Measurement(circumference) / Height
    Sm / 28" - 32" / 5'5" - 5'7"
    Md / 32" - 36" / 5'7" - 5'10" 
    Lg / 34" - 38" / 5'10" - 6'2" 
    XL / 38" - 42" / 6'0" +


  • Protection:
    • Flexing Spine Protector - Segmented dense foams with plastic cap
    • Kidney Pads - Molded, dual density foam pads with poly insert
    • Tailbone Pad - High density foam with poly insert
    • Interior padded belt line with comfort foams
    • JDP™ (Joint Discharge Principle) Molded Hip Caps with high density foam inserts
      • Protects the hip by dispersing direct impacts away from the joint
      • JDP™ parts deflects the impact to meatier muscles offering more protection to the more fragile cartilage
    • 2-piece Thigh Pads - Dual density foams with ribbed poly insert
    • Lower Rear Leg Pads - High density foam padding with poly insert
  • Fit:
    • Contouring Fit - Contouring hips with adjustable leg circumference
    • Thigh pads feature Velcro elastic straps to adjust fit
    • Zippered 1" leg extension
    • Nylon belt closure with locking buckle with padded tongue
    • 2-way stretch full crotch panel
    • 2-way stretch inner leg panels
    • Upper and rear 2-way stretch panels
    • Leg zips with pleats and a Velcro closure
    • Durable 420D nylon shell with abrasion resistant areas, and ventilation zones
    • Suspender buttons
    • Stitched Reebok Thigh logo
    • Molded Reebok Kidney pad logo
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Comments: For mobility,protection and lightweight you can't beat the RS pant. This pant is well ventilated and offers two different materials 420 denier on top and 840 for higher wear areas at the sides and bottom. It also has leg zippers that are pleated and have a velcro closure so they can be opened or left zipped up for even more freedom of leg movement. Multiple segmengated zones offer the best mobility possible for complete freedom of movement. This is one of the best,as well as the lightest, top end pants on the market and I highly recommend them.
From: James

Comments: These pants are without a doubt the best protective pant on the market. The JDP poly reinforced padding at the hips,kidney,tailbone and thighs are the highest quality and density of anything else on the market,and I've tried all the different brands.The thigh protection is especially impressive as it extends all the way around the leg, to the inside of the leg where the streach gusset starts, something no other pant on the market I've observed, provides. Thigh pads are adjustable for width and easily accessable. The materials used on the outside of the pants are high quality , 420 denier material around the top portions and 840 around the sides and lower leg area where you'll get abrastion rubbing along the boards. The belt at the top of the pants is simple and easy to adjust and provides a nice snug fit to the top of the pant so you don't need suspenders if you prefer. The belly pad is thick and comfortable and doesnt' shift. The inside liner is thick and water resistant as we ll as anti-bacterial. A feature of this pant I really like is the inside liner moves independantly of the outside shell which gives you great mobility. There are very few downsides to these pants. The fit is slightly snugger than on some other pants but you could always move up a size to remedy that problem. The weight of the pants is slightly heavier than a lot of other high end pants on the market but this is logical because of the higher protection features on them. This however,is after all,an advance to pro level product so if you are playing at that level your skating is strong enough to compensate for that. A lower level player may want to downgrade to the lighter 9K or 7K model which also offer great protection. If you are serious about your game this is these are the pants for you, without a doubt. I highly recommend them.
From:  Anonymous 

Comments:These are the best pants I have ever owned. The protection makes you feel like a tank without sacrificing mobility and the comfort level far surpasses any other pants that I have tried or owned. If your going to buy them, which you should, buy them from the warehouse. I have yet to see a better deal for them any where else. BUY THESE PANTS YOU WON'T REGRET IT.
From: Abe

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