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The Reebok 11K hockey blades are the premier replacement hockey blades from Reebok for tapered shafts.  Reebok has featured the same Dual Matrix Technology feature used on the Sickick III one-peice sticks on the 11K blade. The dual matrix technology offers more snap and power than ever before.

    • Construction:
      • Dual Matrix Technology offers a spring loading effect at the kick point for a quick and deadly release
        • Two different graphite weaves are used on the forehand and backhand to increase the power and snap during shot release
      • Super light graphite 
      • Guided Blade Technology™ features dimples on the blade that helps guide the puck trajectory and increase blade stiffness
      • Graphite bridge increases blade stiffness for a harder shot
    • Hosel:
      • Super light graphite 
    • Core:
      • Foam core for increased vibration dampening
    • Fits: Tapered hockey shafts
    • Weight- 145 Grams (Weight varies slightly depending on curve)
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    Comments: aweful quality, breaks quick
    From: Joey, Brampton Ontario, Canada

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