Mylec Ultra Pro Hockey Training Mat
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Mylec Ultra Pro Hockey Training Mat
This all purpose hockey training mat is ideal for practicing shooting, passing and stickhandling. Overall size is 2' x 4'. Buy multiple kits to build a larger playing mat.


Shipping Note:  Due to size constraints, this item cannot be shipped in the same package as hockey sticks/shafts.

  • This all purpose hockey training mat is ideal for practicing shooting, passing and stickhandling
  • Pieces together for an overall size of 2' x 4'
  • Perfect size for shooting off
  • Mat can be expanded by adding additional squares
  • Mat is made of high impact sports surface
  • Can be used with pucks or balls
  • Assembles in minutes and easy to store
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Comments: I train all day every day I put pleage on it was slick the puck slide like butter.
From: Tanner, Ogdensburg, NY

Comments:  I use this product every day yet it still has a great slick surface.  You can connect them and take them apart easily which really helps for storage.  One of the best parts about it is that there is a very durable honeycomb design so you can take slap shots without worrying about breaking it, I even drove my car over it!  This mat will even save you money by protecting the bottom of your blade.  Overall, there is not many ways you can go wrong with this well made shooting/stickhandling mat.
From: ???

Comments: Great for everything you're trying to do shooting, stick handling & training. Important thing is that this saves the composite blades from getting jacked up. Like the previous review you need more than one box for a bigger surface. Why wasn't this around when I was younger?
From: T, Bakersfield, CA

Comments:Great buy, good for practicing your stick handling. Bought more then one box so I could connect the tiles to form a bigger surface.
From: Joe, USA

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