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Matter Wheels are the #1 race wheels in the world. The Matter Juice Wheels with HC (Hollow Core Technology) combine light weight with stiffness. Both necessary ingredients for a successful Road and Indoor Wheel. The stiff flex module of the under core (the piece that sits right underneath the urethane) has tremendous rebound. This makes for an outstanding roll and is characterized by the Matter Road and Matter Indoor products.

If looking for Matter Indoor Wheels or Matter Outdoor Wheels, you're looking for Matter Juice Wheels. Ability to be used on road or track surfaces. Green Juice is the softest urethane of the Juice Family, making it perfect for virtually any road or track; mixes great for grip.

Matter uses an F-Scale for hardness ratings. F0, F1, F2, F3 & F4 from hardest to softest. Each individual wheel in the Matter family will differ in  hardness. Meaning a Juice F1 will not be the same hardness as a Lethal F1. In some cases, IW has provided estimates on hardness ratings  to help when searching for wheels. If provided, these have been done with the assistance of Matter. The harder the wheel, the more it advised to be skating a smooth surface.

Matter Wheel Colors Translate to Approximate Hardness of 83, 85 & 86A

  • F3 Green 83A = All Road Conditions
  • F2 Natural 85A = All Surfaces
  • F1 Yellow 86A = Designed for Smoother Surfaces 


  • Hollow Core Technology (HCT)
  • High-rebound
  • High-performance
  • Resilient

    • Price is Per Wheel
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Comments: This wheel is Amazing!, It gives me great support while skating indoors, it has really good grip.
From: Chase in Dahlonega, GA

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Matter Wheels

    • Size: 125mm
    • Type: Urban / Cross-Training
    • Hardness: 88A, 86A


    UnderCover by Matter T-Rex 125mm Wheels are great quality wheels with a high hardness, features a 'bullet' profile that is design for fast skating, and a balance of high maneuverability and capability.

    • Size: 76mm
    • Type: Urban / Freestyle
    • Hardness: 84A, 86A, 88A


    UnderCover by Matter Deer FSK Wheels are designed for powerblading, but can also be used for urban skating or even hockey. These wheels use a proprietary urethane formula that is similar to the urethane used by Matter wheels, and is made to provide an almost perfect balance of speed and capability, depending on the profile and hardness needed.

    Colors: 3
    • Size: 110mm
    • Type: Urban
    • Hardness: 88A


    The UnderCover Dustin Werbeski Pro 110mm Wheels feature 'coast roller' graphics and are designed to provide fast speeds and quick maneuverability for urban skating or for cross-training or fitness skaters looking for a hard wheel.

    • Size: 125mm
    • Type: Urban
    • Hardness: 88A


    UnderCover by Matter Python 125mm Wheels are great quality wheels with a high hardness designed for the fast and agile needs of urban city skating. The are a good option for cross-training or fitness skaters that want a hard 125mm wheel as well.

    • Sizes: 80, 84, 90, 100, 110 or 125mm
    • Type: Speed (Road) ; Cross-Training
    • Hardness: 86A (F1)

    Matter Image Wheels are a great value. They use Matter's ground breaking polyurethane technology, but at a more affordable price. No bands are used in the urethane, but performance and comfort is enhanced via a single piece hub using Offset Technology (OT). Designed for every day training road or marathon training.

    Colors: 2
    • Size: 90mm, 100mm, 110mm or 110mm
    • Type: Speed (Road) / Cross-Training
    • Hardness: 86A (F1), 84A (F2)

    Matter Super Juice Wheels evolved from the popular Juice wheel, to be even faster and longer lasting. Having used extensive testing with the use of Hollow Core Technology, Matter has accomplished a terrific combination of rebound, durability and roll.  Designed for outdoor speed or race skating, but cross-trainers should treat themselves to feel the quality of these fine wheels.

    Colors: 2
    • Sizes: 100mm or 110mm
    • Type: Speed (Road or Track)
    • Hardnesses: 88A (F0), 86A (F1), 84A (F2)

    The Matter G13 Inline Speed Skate Wheels were improved, even though arguably already the best. Now incorporating a new band, referred to as Stored Energy Ring Technology, or SERT, into the TR3 hub design. This has created a wheel that invokes speed, with the perfect balance between wheel flexibility and energy release.

    Colors: 3
    • Size: 125mm
    • Type: Speed (Road or Track)
    • Hardness: 88A (F0), 86A (F1), 84A (F2)

    The Matter G13 One20Five 125mm Wheels feature the incredible G13 urethane with TR3 insert system, but with an update to their famous hollow core hub to meet the demands of the increased speed. offer the same technology as the other G13 wheels.

    Colors: 2
    • Sizes: 100mm, 110mm or 125mm
    • Type: Speed (Track)
    • Hardnesses: 91A (F1), Yellow

    The Matter Lethal X Indoor Track Inline Skate Wheels are Matter's champion level indoor race wheel featuring higher grade hub material, completely new mixes of polyurethane chemistry, and balancing the perfection of hardness and consistency, has lead Matter world-class athletes to top the podiums once again!

    Colors: 1
    • Sizes: 100mm or 110mm
    • Type: Speed (Road or Track)
    • Hardnesses: 88A (F0), 86A (F1)

    Matter Max G Inline Skate provide most everything of the G13, but with more emphasis on the G (grip). The Max G wheels were designed to work in conjunction with other wheels to maximize performance and ensure you have everything you need for every racing condition.

    • Size: 72mm
    • Type: Freestyle / Urban
    • Hardness: 86A, 88A

    UnderCover Wolf Wheels are designed for aggressive powerblading, but can also be used for slalom or even hockey. The 'bullet' profile provides more maneuverability, speed, a bigger base for wheel slides and less wheel bite on grinds than would a wheel with a more full (larger) footprint. 

    Colors: 2
    • Size: 80mm
    • Type: Urban / Freestyle
    • Hardness: 84A, 86A, 88A 

    UnderCover by Matter brings us the wheel of a Tiger are full radius (larger footprint) wheels, which make them more stable, more consistent, better for landing gaps and with less friction on slides. If looking for a good urban wheel that can slalom, freestyle / FSK (or whatever you want to call it), look no further. 

    Colors: 2
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