MPC Wheels

    • Sizes: 125mm
    • Type: Speed (Road)
    • Hardnesses: 87A (XXFirm)

    MPC Big Street Fight Inline Skate Wheels are a single-band wheel that provides a long roll, responsive grip and the comfort you need  to maximize your results and stay competitive as the sport moves to these larger 125mm wheels. Recommended for outdoor road skating, but they are firm and perform well on the track as well.

    Colors: 1
    • Sizes: 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 105mm, 110mm or 125mm
    • Type: Speed (Road or Track)
    • Hardnesses: 83A (FIRM), 85A (XFIRM) or 87A (XXFIRM)


    The MPC Black Magic Inline Skate Wheels are the apex of MPC's wheel offerings, combining their best hub design and urethane mix. The new urethane compound is stable enough that these wheels can be used for both road and track conditions.  A very consistent performance, no matter where you race.

    Colors: 3
    • Sizes: 84mm, 90mm, 100mm or 110mm
    • Type: Speed (Road) / Cross-Training
    • Hardness: 83A (XGRIP)


    Designed specifically to provide the best performance possible in wet situations, the MPC Storm Surge Turbo Inline Skate Wheels will provide optimal grip when the surface get slick and slippery. Use in all wheel positions, or mix in with other wheels to gain the grip and control you are comfortable with. Let it rain!

    • Sizes: 100mm
    • Type: Speed (Road or Track)
    • Hardnesses: 83A (FIRM), 85A (XFIRM)


    MPC's Road War inline skate wheels are proven winners. Made with a resilient inner band that provides rebound for a great roll. Gives straight-line speed with energy saving rebound and a reliable grip.

    Colors: 1
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