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The Luigino ULTRA Challenge Speed Boots are designed to specifically to meet the demands high demands of marathon and short or banked track speed skating. Packed with all the top features including Barefoot Technology™, vertical mounting, AquaTech™ molding, ProBack™ comfort at the tendon and high-density sole padding.

  • Model Year: Introduced 2012
  • Type: Inline Speed or Race Boots
  • Level: Advanced to Pro Level Inline Skaters
  • Fit Guidelines: Heat molding required (oven or AquaTech).
  • Sizing Guidelines: Use Luigino specific size chart for foot measuring instruction. This will direct you to the correct size boots. Once sure you have the correct size, heat mold for custom fit.

  • Upper / Shell:
    • 100% Carbon Fiber
    • ProBack Technology
      • Pre-shaped, Molded Foam in Tendon Area
      • Allows To Tighten With Comfort
    • BFT™ Barefoot Technology
      • Anatomical Shape w/ Semi Flat Arch
      • Motion Control / More Room in Toe Box
      • Feet Feel As One With Boots
    • High-density Sole Padding
    • Dual Vertical Mount Slots (4mm Front/Back)
      • Blocks are hard-pressed in place during construction
      • Mounting is one with the shell
      • Stiffens sole and improves power transfer
      • 1Yr Guarantee Against Mount Fractures
    • High Density Sole Padding / Microfiber Lining
    • Palone Ankle Padding
    • AquaTech Moldability - Molds in Water (or oven)
  • Closures:
    • Nano Buckle - Smaller, Stronger & User Friendly
      • Replaceable ; One Finger Release
      • Deepter Strap Teeth
      • Waxed Laces / TPU Toe Protection
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Luigino Inline Speed Boots

    • Mount: 195mm
    • Type: Speed
    • Level: Advanced and Expert

    The Luigino Bolt Inline Racing Boots are designed for the pure racer. Luigino's most extraordinary boots with undoubtedly the most technologically advanced performance features available.

    • Mount: 195mm
    • Type: Speed
    • Level: Advanced and Expert


    The Luigino Challenge Inline Speed Boots are widely recognized as the best fitting performance boots in the world. The Challenge features all of Luigino's advanced boot technologies such as ProBack Cuff, high-density sole padding, thermafiber construction, and Luigino's proprietary Barefoot design. 

    • Mount: 165mm or 195mm
    • Type: Speed
    • Level: Advanced and Expert


    Luigino Strut Inline Speed Boots are a favorite among new and returning speed skaters. They provide comfort and stability, with a cuff height approximately 5mm higher than other Luigino boots. 

    • Mount: 165mm or 195mm
    • Type:
    • Level: Advanced and Expert


    Luigino Strut Inline Speed Boots in the pink and black colorway are offered up to size EU41. Otherwise it the same great performing speed boot as the black/green. The Strut works well new speed skaters, or those looking to do so with comfort and stability. 

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