• Seba Balance Inline Skate Liners are considered Seba's best skate liner and offer a great balance of comfort and performance. Having separate lacelets on the liner, it allows for a more precise fit.

    Colors: 2
  • The Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Inline Skate Liners are a terrific choice for anyone that needs to replace their liners, or wants to improve on what they already have. Medium Volume translates to a low volume in the front and medium volume in the heel, providing a nice snug fit that improves performance all around.

    Medium - This liner has a standard height cuff length.

    Colors: 5
  • Powerslide MyFit Dual Fit Crown Inline Skate Liners are feature-filled with Powerslides top-level benefits price. They are constructed with MyFit heat moldable sections to provide proper and customized contouring.  High quality outer materials and textured heel panels allow for a snug fit to reduce heel and foot play within the boot.

  • The Rollerblade Twister Pro Inline Skate Liners are the Specialized 5-Star PRO Fit liners as found in the Twister Pro, Twister LE, and other high-end Rollerblade Urban skates. It will fit Twister and Maxxum series Rollerblade skates easily. 

  • The Seba FR Liners provide comfort to replace liners in any boot that accepts separate liners. Comes with removable heel pad and Seba premium foot beds.

    2016 FR Liner - Improved fit and performance over previous FR liners.

  • The Powerslide MyFit 2nd Skin Liner is one of the best options for inline skaters looking to replace their liners and add better comfort and performance capabilities. The 2nd Skin Liner can be heat-moulded to contour to specific foot shape which will improve the power transfer and fit in any skate that can accept a separate liner.

  • The Powerslide My Fit Fat Boy High Inline Skate Liners are a terrific choice for anyone that needs to replace their liners, or wanting a better liner then what they already have.

    High - This liner has a higher cuff then standard length.

  • The Blank Solo Aggressive Skate Liners are a mainstay in the aggressive market not just for their comfort, but their (almost) bulletproof durability. V-Cut cuff, reinforced lace loops, and separate, independent lacing, all combine to provide one of the best skate liners from the number one inline skate manufacturer, Rollerblade.

    • Walkable and useable as a shoe for most applications and situations
  • Jug liners received a complete makeover in the new Black Sox liner. Featuring a new dual density foam which consists of a high density EVA foam on the outside to provide support and distribute stress over a wider area. A softer inner PU foam adapts to the contours of your foot enhancing fit and comfort. The padding of the tongue was increased to almost 1” and it comes with a removable tongue insert with a hidden pocket. New is also a V-shape elastic insert in the back which provides flex if skated with V-cut cuffs.

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