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The Asphalt wheel is made for those outdoor hockey players that get tired of burning through their wheels so quickly. This wheel features performance and durability. Micro hub wheel designed for the 688 sized bearing. Ideal for outdoor surfaces. These Asphalt wheels by family-owned Labeda are made right here in the USA.
  • Ideal Playing Surface:  Asphalt, Concrete
  • Fit Guidelines:  Micro hub wheel designed for the micro 688 bearing size


Supply is limited. Please refer to the "In Stock" column below for available quantities. Back orders will not be shipped.


  • Wheel Profile:  Tapered
      • Pointed, performance profile for speed and agility.
  • Construction:  Single Durometer
      • Abrasion resistant endurance urethane for superior outdoor wear and great grip.
        • Made In USA
  • Hub Size:  Micro 688
  • Hardness Available:
    • 84A
  • Sizes Available: 
    • 59, 68, 72, 76, 80mm


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Comments: I purchased these wheels for the up coming season and never had any negative experiences, it's been 5 months and I play 2-3 a week.  They have held up and still look good, no cracks have appeared.  The hardness works for the concrete and asphalt, they're perfect for those looking to switch to outdoor surfaces and is the BEST option with those equipped with the micro bearings.  These were comparable to the old "White" Labeda Grippers from the early 2000's.  I'd recommend these to anyone looking to hop outdoors.
From: Chris, L.A., CA

Comments:These wheels are quite amazing! They don't wear down anywhere near that of other wheels and you don't surrender control. I would recommend these wheels to any outdoor player. im actually considering buying more before the prices go up!

Comments:these wheels are by far the best for outdoor usage. No breaking in, and a very fair balance between slide and grip on your average outdoor surfaces. They do not wear down as fast as other wheels as well. I'd rather stay home if I had to wear anything else.
From: Phil

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Wheel Size:
Wheel Size
Most skates require a certain size wheel. There are several ways to determine what size wheel fits your skate: check what's printed on the wheel or on your frame, check your owner's manual, refer to your skate's online product description or measure the overall height in millimeters.
Wheel Durometer:
Wheel Durometer
The ideal wheel hardness is based on the playing surface, your weight, ability and preference. Generally, softer 72A-78A wheels are needed to grip on smoother indoor surfaces, while harder 80-84A wheels are used on rougher, outdoor surfaces to increase the life of the wheel. Typically, players skate the hardest wheel possible that allows them to maximize speed without slipping. See our Learning Center video for more detailed help on selecting the proper hardness.
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Labeda Hockey Wheels Micro 688 Hub

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