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The Labeda Addiction wheel offers a new concept in wheel making.  The Addiction wheel is an indoor wheel designed for tile surfaces (ie Sport Court), but it has an outer urethane hardness between 86A! That's right, an indoor wheel with an outer hardness harder than most outdoor wheels.  So you know the durability and the speed is going to be incredible with these wheels and they should be at this price.  The question is though, how's the grip?  Well, that's where Labeda's top secret urethane combinations and inner core design take over and deliver unbelieved grip.  These Addiction hockey wheels grip more than some of the softest wheels on the market!  The Labeda Addiction wheel offers unsurpassed, all-around speed and grip. Best of all, Labeda is family owned and their wheels are produced right here in USA.

  • Ideal Playing Surface:  Sport Court, Wood, Smooth Concrete
  • Hardness Guidelines: 
    • 76A = 170 lbs and below
  • Fit Guidelines:  Micro hub wheel designed for the micro 688 bearing size


  • Wheel Profile: Tapered
      • Pointed, performance profile for speed and agility.
  • Construction:  Triple Durometer
      • High durometer urethane outer layer creates incredible roll for maximum speed
      • Low durometer urethane core for the ultimate grip
      • Flex core urethane allows the wheel to flex to maximize the outer layers footprint (contact with the floor) and spring back at its designated points.
        • Made In USA
  • Hub Size:  Micro 688
  • Hardness Available
    • 76A = 170 lbs and below
  • Sizes Available: 
    •  72, 76, 80mm


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Comments: Imported a set last november and they're still just like new. I use them on my Mission Wicked 3s. Im 6ft 2" 185 pounds and am quite a heavy skater, never met a hornet or MB816 I couldnt destroy. I've since imported a back up set of these Addictions, really not keen on Hornet splits even though they're very readily available here. Best wheel i've ever used!
From: Sam, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Comments: Just bought them and will be playing this week. Use them with the Thor EX1 and labeda eviction frame.The skate is supposed to be the lightest out there along with this type of hub wheel and 688 bearing. We will put them to the test. I am 5'10 and 182 lbs. So lets see how they do! Update coming soon.
From: ??

Comments:I use these wheels with CCM Vector V10's. They have been the best lasting and performing wheel for me. I'm 5'11" 190lbs and I have a habit of cracking and splitting Micro Hub wheels (Rink Rats sucked). I play 2-3x's per week, and these wheels lasted me about 10 weeks on sport court play. I demand a lot out of my wheels and push them hard. I finally cracked one during play. I will most likely stick with these wheels, but will switch to a standard hub & bearing setup which should be stronger and more durable. Bottom line: FAST wheels, GREAT grip, Mediocre lifespan, POOR pricing.
From: Jaison

Comments:I've only used them one day, but my initial reaction is very positive. The grip on these wheels is fantastic, plus they do feel harder than a typical x-soft wheel. There is good direct contact with the ground, and they don't have that squishy feel that sometimes comes with a soft wheel. Good stopping power and good acceleration as well. The wheels are still new, so I can't really say how long they will last before needing to be replaced, but initial signs are good. If they do last long enough, the extra money spent on these wheels is well worth it.
From: Brad, CA

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Wheel Size:
Wheel Size
Most skates require a certain size wheel. There are several ways to determine what size wheel fits your skate: check what's printed on the wheel or on your frame, check your owner's manual, refer to your skate's online product description or measure the overall height in millimeters.
Wheel Durometer:
Wheel Durometer
The ideal wheel hardness is based on the playing surface, your weight, ability and preference. Generally, softer 72A-78A wheels are needed to grip on smoother indoor surfaces, while harder 80-84A wheels are used on rougher, outdoor surfaces to increase the life of the wheel. Typically, players skate the hardest wheel possible that allows them to maximize speed without slipping. See our Learning Center video for more detailed help on selecting the proper hardness.
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