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The K2 Radical Pro Boa Skates come with Boa Speedlacing (Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage) and all new colors. The Radical Pro features a carbon fiber base AND cuff to be light and strong. Radical HiLo frames use 110mm in the rear, and 100mm in the front to keep you low to the ground for added control and stability although skating large wheels. This along with K2's softboot construction makes the Radical Pro comfortable, fast, and light. Great for long distance, training, marathons, etc... Sized in men's sizing.

  • Model Year: Introduced in 2012. Re-released 2013.
  • Model Number: i12022
  • Type: High Performance Training Skate
  • Level: Advanced
  • Sizing Guidelines: K2 skates generally fit true to size. Order your regular shoe size for length similar to that of your street shoes or 1/2 size down if seeking a snugger fit. Considered unisex, skates are ordered and displayed on product box as Men's Size. Women will need to order approximately 1.5 sizes smaller based on their US shoe size. See K2 size chart.
  • Upper / Shell:
    • K2's Original Softboot Construction
    • Radical Pro Cuff
    • Carbon Base
      • Carbon Fiber to be Strong and Light
  • Liners:
    • Memory Foam Helps Adapt to Foot Shape
  • Closures:
    • Boa Speedlacing
      • Lifetime Guarantee Against Breaking
      • Quick and Easy Adjustments
      • Able to Adjust with One Hand on the Fly
      • Allow for Smooth Even Closure without Pressure Points
    • Velcro Cuff Strap
  • Frames:
    • Radical HiLo Frames (110mm / 100mm)
    • 195mm Mounting
    • HiLo Helps Keep Deck Height Low for Control
    • Max Wheel Sizes 110/100
    • Laterally Adjustable
  • Wheels and Bearings:
    • K2 Radical 85A Wheels
    • TwinCam ILQ9 Pro Bearings
  • Brake:
    • Attached - Extra Axle Included for Removal
  • Weight: 6.35 lbs for a Pair of US10.0 with Brake Attached
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Comments: I bought the K2 Radical Pro Boa Inline Skates in the spring of 2013.  Since this summer I have been averaging about 30-40 miles per week on these skates and really enjoy them.  Worth every penny.

STYLE:  I have received complements from other inline skaters about the style and I think the red, black and white color scheme is just a perfect choice for me and kinda surprised about the new 2014 model being bright yellow seems kind of juvenile.

LACING SYSTEM: The BOA lacing system is awesome and the best part is that it will last the life of the skates worry free and if it breaks they will replace the part.  I tried the Rollerblade Tempest 110Õs and had some major concerns with the longevity of the buckles.  I had done my homework about the Rollerblade ratcheting buckles and sure enough when I had a pair in front of me, I had absolutely no confidence that the plastic-on-plastic or the metal-on-plastic ratchets would hold up over time. 

BREAK-IN PERIOD: As another reviewer mentioned, the first hundred miles or so, you will experience a break-in period where it feels like your foot is falling asleep because it is too tight around your foot but if you loosen it then you feel like it is too loose around your ankle.  I recommend to just keep using them and that will go away as the boot padding adjusts to your foot.  I also had some slight rubbing on the side of my leg and by my inside of my ankle but don't let that discourage you from skating either.  I just kept some sticky back mole skin pads with me for the first month or so and didn't need to deal with blisters or rubbing and that too went away once the skates were broken-in.  Those issues will work themselves out if you keep using the skates.  If you only plan to go skating once a month, then don't waste your money on these skates because you're body and balance will never fully adjust to the equipment.

SIZE: In-Line Warehouse did a top notch job handling my customer service experience.  I was on the fence between the K2 Radical Boas and the Rollerblade Tempest 110 2013s and each had their own sizing quirks.  The folks at Inline Warehouse never made me feel bad about shipping the skates back for another size and I was so glad when I finally got the one that fit.  I wear a men's 11.5 to 12 normal shoe and only my Adidas cross training shoes are 12.5.  For the K2s  I tried the 11.5 first and couldn't even fit my foot in it.  So then I tried the Tempest 110s 12.0 which kind of fit but all my fears about the ratcheting buckles were confirmed, so I ended up getting the 12.5 K2 Boas and they fit perfectly.  Don't listen to reviewers that suggest getting a half-size smaller
From: Anonymous

Comments: Fast, Comfortable, Fast, Super Performance, Fast.

Did I mention Fast.

These skates are incredible.  After owning K2 Mach 100's for over a year, I decided to move up to the Radical Pros.  What a difference...
It is common knowledge that in order to perceive a difference in performance (speed), there has to be a 15% or more change.  The Radical Pros are considerably faster...I did 12 miles in less than an hour without effort.  I am not a racer...just an enthusiast...and only been skating for a little over a year

Not for the beginner...the lower boot requires some extra ankle strength.  The Boa system is great...able to adjust on the fly.

I'm a speed junky and these skates fit the bill.
From: Bill from Hockessin, DE

Comments: For my 55th birth day I decided to give myself a nice new pair of skates. I have been skating for 20 years and this are my 5th pair (3 SalomonÕs and 2 K2 Radical Pro) all of them the same size 9.5.
The new 2013 K2 Radical Pro looks very nice even though some of the materials use looks cheap. I just hope they just look that way but will last for a long time. Time will let us know.

As I mention before my shoe and skate size has always been 9.5, I felt the 2013 model came a little smaller not true size as they have always been. My toe touches the end of the skate even when I am bending down to skate. Compare to my other skates the inside of the boot has less cushing and it feels stiffer. I hope with time they will be as comfortable as the previous skates specially the SalomonÕs.

The new BOA system is nice, it was one of the reasons I decided to get this new skates, the only problem I been having is that once It feels comfortable on my feet and I tighten it more so I get the support I like to have on my ankles it gets too tight on my feet. After a while my feet get numb and I need to loosen the BOA and this gives less support to my ankles and it is a never ending loosing and tighten game.   It will be great to have independent BOA systems for the lower and upper parts of the skate.  I hope with time I will be able to get the right adjustment to be able to enjoy my skating as I have done for the past 20 years.
From: Emilio Reyner in Cancun, Mexico

Comments: I got K2 Radical Pro Boa Inline Skates 2013 a few weeks back and I love the fitting, this boot fit like a glove. Having skate for the third time, I adjusted well and are getting my balance back pretty fast.

Good baring set, very smooth(ILQ9), I still have a little wiggle room for my feet as I got half size bigger.

I have yet to fine tune the adjustment on the alignment of the frame as my landing left foot feels a little off center. Overall I give a 4/5 rating.
From: Roger in Singapore

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K2 Cross-Training Inline Skates for Men

    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Recreational ; Cross-Training
    • Level: Beginner and Intermediate

    K2 Fit Pro 84 Inline Skates for Men are great for recreation or fitness activities. At 84mm wheel size, they can be enjoyed by most, but target beginning and intermediate level skaters. Frames allow for upgrade to 90mm wheels if/when wanting. SoftBoots and die-cast aluminum frames ensure a good mix of comfort and performance.

    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Recreational ; Cross-Training
    • Level: Intermediate


    The K2 FIT 84 BOA is a popular choice for its versatility and features. At 84mm, it can be used to supplement workouts or just for fun. The K2 Softboot design still remains the basis of it's performance and comfort, with this version using the Boa Speedlacing (lifetime guarantee against breakage).

    • Wheels: 2x84 ; 2x80
    • Type: Recreational ; Cross-Training
    • Level: Beginner and Intermediate


    K2 FIT X Pro Inline Skates can supplement workouts for cross-trainers or give recreational skaters a more versatile fitness machine. They feature Hi-Lo Frames that utiize 84mm wheels in the back two positions, and 80mm in front. The allows for greater top speed, while still maintaining maneuverability.

    Sizes Available: 8.5, 9.0
    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Recreational ; Cross-Training
    • Level: Beginner and Intermediate

    K2 Fit Pro 84 Inline Skates for Men are terrific for recreation or fitness training activities. At 84mm wheel size, they can be enjoyed by most, but recommended for intermediate and better skaters. SoftBoots and die-cast aluminum frames ensure a good mix of comfort and performance.

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